Nokia is Calling All Innovators to Develop Apps

Nokia has kicked off its new venture CallingallInnovators which is a strong platform for all nokia apps developers to leverage their talents and hard work.


Here is what Nokia has got to say about its new idea:

This is your chance to show your talent, let your creativity bloom, and even see your application on millions of Nokia devices around the world.

Forum Nokia, Nokia’s global developer program, challenges mobile and web application developers worldwide to submit best-in-class applications for use on Nokia devices. Continue reading “Nokia is Calling All Innovators to Develop Apps”

Blackberry Storm 2 with Wi-fi is in the works

We were all cursing RIM for Blackberry Storm not having Wi-Fi

We pay so much for a hi-end touchscreen smart phone and no Wi-fi ?

Who cares if it can even control a Formula 1 Car

Now folks at Crackberry have posted some highly credible pictures of the BB Storm 2

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Loop Mobile Launches Operations in Orissa Chennai Circle


Loop mobile soft launched its services in Orissa a few days ago, and it already started working in Orissa a few days back.

But it has now officially announced the launch of its services in Orissa and Chennai circles. During the launch the company officials also said, they are not going to limit their services only in these 3 circles but soon people across the country will have the opportunity to use Loop mobile. Continue reading “Loop Mobile Launches Operations in Orissa Chennai Circle”

The Nokia E75 In All Its Glory

Varun showed you last week the Nokia E75 in a steaming tea pot and promised that there would be more E75 action on Fone Arena. Well, here it is. It’s a picture gallery showing the Nokia E75 in all its double keypad form factor, and gleaming metallic and rubberized plastic glory. The E75 is Nokia’s latest and most anticipated Eseries device, carrying on the design language that has done wonders with the Nokia E71. We will post a video review of the Nokia E75 later, but we’ll leave you now with the pictures of this amazingly gorgeous handset (click on the thumbnails for the full pictures in 12MP of awesomeness). The front of the E75 features a good 2.4″ screen as well as the usual T9 keypad, with 2 applications shortcuts next to the D-pad: they are the ones labeled with a Messaging icon and with a Calendar icon. E75 1 E75 1 The top of the device only has the 3.5mm headset plug, that you can use to connect the headphones that come in the E75’s box, or your own preferred set of headphones. Continue reading “The Nokia E75 In All Its Glory”

Nokia Starts Discount Sales at Nokia Flagship Stores in USA


Last year Varun visited the Nokia Flagship store in Chicago

These flagship stores demo all their products and also sell phones and accessories.

Its been learnt that , Nokia is kicking off a discount sale of its popular smart phones at these stores. Continue reading “Nokia Starts Discount Sales at Nokia Flagship Stores in USA”

Now Chinese Mobile Owners Can Continue Using their Mobiles

chinese mobile

Recently there were speculations that Chinese Mobiles may soon be banned in India, and the apex court (Supreme Court) of India also ordered to ban all Chinese mobiles in India that are being used without IMEI numbers.

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Nokia N97 Releasing in UAE First

UAE consumers will be among the first in the world to be offered the Nokia N97, the Finnish company’s new top-of-the-line handset.

Nokia hopes the N97 will become a direct competitor to the Apple iPhone, with the device including a large touch screen and deep integration with the internet. Since the launch of the iPhone in 2007, each of the world’s major mobile manufacturers have announced or launched similar devices. Continue reading “Nokia N97 Releasing in UAE First”

Is the Microsoft Zune Phone Coming this June?


The Web 2.0 has gone almost crazy for the Zune Products and the upcoming Zune Phone is no exception. There were speculations that the Zune phone will be announced by Microsoft this year itself, but the world of Twitter is buzzing with rumors that the Zune phone will be launching this June and the rumor also requests other people to hold their plans to purchase iPhone and other similar products..

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Another whammy from Nokia , N-Theatre with the Nseries

Nokia never ceases to surprise us. Nokia has recently introduced the N-Theatre, a unique offer that will enable Nseries buyers to watch DVD quality movies, anytime, anywhere.

Buyers of the Nseries range including the Nokia N79, N85, N95, N95 8GB and N96 will be entitled to select

five movies of a specific genre from a choice of  5 genres viz., action, comedy, thriller, drama and assorted on a free 4 GB multimedia card from the Nseries movie library. The offer is valid till June 2009.

Choosing from Hollywood and Bollywood hits may be tougher than choosing the Nseries model you want! Just read the list of movies available and you’ll know what we are talking about! Continue reading “Another whammy from Nokia , N-Theatre with the Nseries”

5 Free Group Messaging Services in India

Ever wanted to send free SMS to a group of friends inviting them for a party or a function? You keep sending such group invitation using your mobile and shelling a large amount of talk time? Just try out any of the below mentioned free group SMS solutions in India and save a large amount of talk time.


Mytoday is among one of the first services started by Netcore solutions which provided one of its kind services and followed it are many other services like Tagg, SMSGupshup, Vakow, GoogleSMSChannels, etc.


SMSGupshup – This is the service, that brought change to the Indian group messaging solution. Though, Netcore’s Mytoday was launched much prior to SMSGupShup but Gupshup was hit just because of its huge investment in advertising and marketing its product.

tagg is another entrant in free group messaging solution in India followed by Rajesh Jain’s Mytoday and webaroo’s SMSGupShup. was initiated by another commerce graduate – Ashish Deora who was the founder of AOL broadband in India. Though also tried hard to market its product, it remained far behind Mytoday and SMSGupshup because of the downtime their service faced many times in the past.


Vakow is a service that you MUST have come across for sure, if you are a twitter fan. Apart from free group messaging solution, another advantage Vakow has over all other free group messaging services is that it used to update your twitter account using the SMS that you send to their 10 digit mobile number. But it seems even this service (sending tweets via SMS) has also now went down as I am unable to use it since last couple of months.

google sms channels

GoogleSMSChannels – A service that does not needs a description. This free group messaging solution is in testing phase of Google and as such tagged as ‘Labs’. Though Google was late to come out with such a service, but its definitely worth using once. The biggest advantage with Google SMS Channels is, unlike any other free group messaging solutions, it delivers the SMSs at a very fast rate and that is not all.. Its the only free group messaging services in India supporting SMS publishing of full 160 characters without any ads in the footer.

Group messaging lovers out there, now its your work to use the above mentioned services and rate them on the comments section below. 🙂

New Unannounced Nokia in Star Trek Movie

Do you remember the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic Star Trek edition? Well many were excited about the device and also hoped that the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic would make an appearance in the Star Trek Movie also.

But Nokia and the Star Trek folks had bigger ideas in mind. Well those who have watched the movie might have noticed a Nokia device in the movie. The device shown in the movie is a touchscreen device by Nokia. We’ve never seen it before and it’s never been announced or leaked. The device shown in the movie is the one shown in the above screenshot and video clip below. Continue reading “New Unannounced Nokia in Star Trek Movie”

Nokia E75 Unboxing Video FoneArena

Nokia E75 is the latest email centered handset from Nokia .

You saw the preview of it in a teapot

Its features the Nokia Messaging Application

Other great features include a 3.2 MP Camera , Full QWERTY Keyboard (we are loving it already)

Here is the unboxing of the E75

The E71 too will make a short guest appearance in the video coz a lot of us are crazy to find out if E75 is worth the upgrade from e71 .. watch the video and decide for yourself

Continue reading “Nokia E75 Unboxing Video FoneArena”

Seamlessly Sync Data in Your Windows Mobile with Microsoft MyPhone

Remember the sync feature recently introduced by Google? If not here it is. Though it had many great features, folks at Microsoft kicked off their own sync feature – Microsoft My Phone. So, if you are a Microsoft loyalist and don’t want to use Google services on your phone, then you can start using this cool service by Microsoft.


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