Google announces upcoming Multi-device features for Android ecosystem

Google yesterday unveiled new improvements for their consumer goods and services at Google I/O 2022, including some very important changes to multi-device functionality for the Android ecosystem in 2022. Continue reading “Google announces upcoming Multi-device features for Android ecosystem”

Apple acquires health data startup Glimpse


Apple has scooped up personal health data startup Glimpse, according to a report from Fast Company. The financial terms of the deal were not disclosed. Glimpse has built a secure software platform that allows users to manage and share their own medical records.

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Google announces Google Fit platform for fitness and health tracking

Google officially announced its own health and fitness tracking platform that competes with Apple’s recently launched Healthkit. Dubbed as Google Fit, the platform will aggregate and collect your fitness data at one place. It will help users monitor their fitness activities like heart rate, blood sugar, steps taken etc on this platform.

google fit platform

The basic idea is that Google is creating a single set of APIs which will allow fitness/health tracking apps and devices to share data with the aim of building a more “complete picture of the user’s fitness”. Users will be given full control over sharing their information with apps and will be able to delete data at any time.

google Fit

Google Fit partners already include Nike, HTC, LG, Withings, Motorola, Noom, Runtastic, RunKeeper, Adidas, Mio, and Polar. Nike also announced that it will integrate its popular Fuel points system into Google Fit for other apps to use. Adidas is also developing a line of sensor-based health wearables that will integrate with the Google Fit platform.

The Google Fit Platform Preview SDK will be available in the next few weeks.

Apple forays into health and fitness with HealthKit and Health App

After an arrays of speculation and leaks, Apple has finally announced HealthKit platform and Health app. Coming to iOS 8, HealthKit is a cloud based health platform that consolidates user’s health information on iOS devices.

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Apple’s rumored Healthbook leaked, your personal health assistant

Apple is rumored to be entering the personal health and fitness tracking segment with the upcoming iPhone and/or supposed iWatch. Earlier this month, 9To5Mac leaked a screenshot from iOS 8 revealing the upcoming Healthbook application for iPhone. Today, 9To5Mac have posted an extensive coverage of the upcoming Healthbook.

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Bing Health & Fitness Beta app available on Windows Phone Store

Lack of popular apps doesn’t seem to be a problem anymore for the Windows Phone platform as they have lots of applications from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. They happen to have some exclusives for the platform and a fitness application exclusive for Windows Phones comes from the creators of Windows Phone themselves.

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Excessive Mobile use now increases the risk of Mouth Cancer! – American Report

Latest research was published in the American Journal of Epidemiology claims that five years of frequent mobile use increases the chances of developing a tumour by about 50 per cent compared with people who have never used one.

The report raises obvious concerns for people who may be heavy users of mobile phones.

That is not to see that people must stop using mobile phones entirely – the need to be more aware while buying phones. Next time you decide to buy a new Nokia or Motorola, be sure to inquire about health and safety hazards.

There have been reports before this one that claim that there really are no side effects of using a mobile phone. Just to be on the safer side it is better to check the specifications of the phone. Continue reading “Excessive Mobile use now increases the risk of Mouth Cancer! – American Report”

Mobile phone use leads to infertility ?

Researchers in US and India have come up with a shocking new finding. Men who use mobile phones could be risking their fertility, warn researchers.

The recent study says that Men who use mobile phone face increased risk of infertility.Although scientists say it was too early to advise men whether they should limit their mobile phone use.

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