Blackberry Curve 8520 Photo Gallery

Yesterday, we brought to you news about the announcement of the Blackberry Curve 8520. It is the first Blackberry device to support Mac syncing right out of the box. A major feature it lacks is 3G. The handset is expected to be released on 5th August at T-Mobile stores.

In the UK, the handset will be launched on Orange, Vodafone and Caphone Warehouse. It will be available on both post-paid and pre-paid plans. Continue reading “Blackberry Curve 8520 Photo Gallery”

Blackberry Storm 2 (9550) Video Leaked!

A video of the Blackberry Storm 2 (9550) codenamed Blackberry Odin has been leaked. The phone in the video is an early prototype. The prototype doesn’t have Wi-Fi but the final version of the phone will definitely have Wi-Fi. Physically the Storm 2 is almost identical to the Storm but it has some physical changes which make it better and easier to use. The Storm 2 feels nicer in hand.

The prototype is also running the same firmware as the Storm but it is said to have a newer and improved firmware.


Blackberry Storm Preview

The Blackberry Storm just arrived in our test labs today. The BB 9500 a.ka. Storm is the first ever full touchscreen Blackberry device.

No QWERTY keyboard like the other blackberries but it’s got SurePress technology so that you can use the screen alone. The display is gorgeous and we are drooling at it already.

Since we have got a lot of requests from users to review Blackberry phones you can expect to see lots of posts on the 9500 Storm and 8900 Javelin. Here is a short preview of the Storm.


  • Some interesting features of the phone include
  • 3.2 MP Camera with Video Recording with Flash
  • GPS
  • 3.5 mm audio port and media player
  • microSD memory expansion in addition to 1 GB onboard memory

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Mobile Big Wigs to roll out their own desi application stores

Leading Mobile Phone manufacturers like Nokia, Apple and Research in Motion (RIM) are in the process of rolling out localised versions of their application stores in India. These application stores will have a collection of applications which are customized for the Indian market.

Nokia, which recently started its Ovi Store, has plans to roll out the localised version by December this year. Though in the initial stages, Ovi Store will be available only in smartphones loaded with the Symbian S60 operating system, but Nokia has promised that it will be enabling the app store for all its phones by early next year. Continue reading “Mobile Big Wigs to roll out their own desi application stores”

Why I love my BlackBerry

When I bought the BlackBerry 8703e from Reliance in 2007, the one thing I just could not appreciate was the bulky look and the fact that being a “Business phone” it did not have a camera or a media player.

Back then, in the price range of Rs 16,000, and with Reliance as the service provider, this was the best I could purchase.

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Early Hands-On With the BlackBerry Storm 2

The peeps over at Engadget just posted an early hands on with the BlackBerry Storm 2.

The release date for this phone is still up in the air (rumor has it dropping either next month or early Q4) but we’re glad to see a revision.

We brought you rumors about the phone and launch date Continue reading “Early Hands-On With the BlackBerry Storm 2”

Will the Blackberry Storm 2 Launch by this month end?


In one of the recent post, Varun mentioned about Blackberry Storm 2 and all its new features. After reading it out, many blackberry lovers described their willingness to know more about this phone. Continue reading “Will the Blackberry Storm 2 Launch by this month end?”

Evernote Now Available in the Blackberry Mobile World!


One of the most popular productivity tools – Evernote is now available for RIM (Research in Motion) Blackberry’s users directly from the Blackberry mobile world.

Recently this news was announced on the official evernote blog. Well, you would definitely think, what’s the use of mentioning this. A simple answer would be reliability, speed and ease of installing these apps directly from Blackberry mobile world. Continue reading “Evernote Now Available in the Blackberry Mobile World!”

Blackberry Storm 2 with Wi-fi is in the works

We were all cursing RIM for Blackberry Storm not having Wi-Fi

We pay so much for a hi-end touchscreen smart phone and no Wi-fi ?

Who cares if it can even control a Formula 1 Car

Now folks at Crackberry have posted some highly credible pictures of the BB Storm 2

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Blackberry Usage Tariff Announced by BSNL

Recently Blackberry services were launched for BSNL users. But till the launch we were not sure about the tariffs and other charges for using Blackberry services in BSNL.

We know, BSNL users are very much excited to be informed about the charges for using Blackberry services, so here you go.

The BSNL website has announced the tariffs as under:


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Vodafone and Blackberry Storm Demo Remote Controlled F1 Car for Real

Blackberry storm might not be best handset in the market but this Video will surely make you laugh. The Formula1 2009 racing season is going to start in a few days.

Following is a video which looks like a Advert for the BB Storm. It Shows F1 Driver Lewis Hamilton fans control a F1 car from the handset.

Yes you heard it right ! now see it below