Motorola PRO+ Android Business phone announced

Motorola has announced their sleek Android business phone, Motorola PRO+ that runs on Android 2.3 (Gingerbread). This phone has physical full QWERTY keypad and it is powered by 1GHz processor. Continue reading “Motorola PRO+ Android Business phone announced”

Why I love my BlackBerry

When I bought the BlackBerry 8703e from Reliance in 2007, the one thing I just could not appreciate was the bulky look and the fact that being a “Business phone” it did not have a camera or a media player.

Back then, in the price range of Rs 16,000, and with Reliance as the service provider, this was the best I could purchase.

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MC55 Enterprise Phone Unveiled by Motorola

Motorola A good news coming in for enterprise phone lovers.. Motorola have unveiled a business phone – Motorola MC55. You can view some snaps and check out a brief specifications of the phone In the following few lines.

Motorola MC55

Brief Specifications:

  • 3.5” 320X240 Touch Screen
  • OS – Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.1
  • Querty Keyboard
  • Wireless LAN
  • Bluetooth
  • Wi-Fi
  • Bar-Code Scanner, Etc

The handset will be available in two variants MC5590 and MC5574 that would be priced in between $1695 and $2135.


Palm Treo Pro quick look

 The Palm Treo Pro (christened 850 previously) is a Windows Mobile PocketPC for GSM users.

The handset is not launched yet, but its images have been splashed all over the internet lately.

 Specs &features at a glance (likely changes may occur):

• 400Mhz CPU
• 256MB ROM, 128MB RAM!
• 320 x 320 pixel screen Continue reading “Palm Treo Pro quick look”

HTC P4350 launched in India

Not just a good looking phone this one! It’s an action packed business phone, if that’s what you are looking for.

The Quad-band PDA phone HTC P4350 has been launched in the Indian market.

Specs &Features at a glance:

• 17mm thick, 168 grams weight
• 2.8″ TFT-LCD, 240 X 320 dot pixels with 65,536 colours
• Landscape view screen
• 2.0 Megapixel CMOS colour camera
• 5-way navigation control
• Semi-automatic sliding QWERTY keypad
• Windows Mobile 6.0 Direct push-email technology
• Internet browsing
• Pocket MSN Continue reading “HTC P4350 launched in India”

Asus new PDA launched in India

Asus launched the P320 Mini PDA phone recently. It is very stylish and kinda like a HTC Touch look-alike.

Specs & features at a glance:

• 2.6-inch TFT touch screen
• Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional
• GPS navigation
• WiFi
• Bluetooth
• 128 MB Flash ROM
• 2.0 megapixel camera
• RSS Reader Continue reading “Asus new PDA launched in India”

Dual SIM PDA from Spice

Spice Mobiles, known in India for its range of highly functional economy handsets, has launched a dual SIM PDA in India.

The Spice D-1100 Dual SIM PDA has the capability of having both SIMs simultaneously active and has a touch panel, an integrated stylus and alpha-numeric keypad.

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HTC’s new launch – Touch Pro with QWERTY keypad

A handset launch from HTC is always interesting. Their handsets are highly technologically advanced and bring generation next business phones within reach.

HTC has unveiled the HTC Touch Pro that is a strong contender for the top slot amongst business phones.

Specs & Features:

HTC TyTN II launched in India

HTC TyTN II A new launch..and a hi-fi handset by a pioneering company.

Phew! It’s a high-speed HSDPA handset with a built-in GPS for personal navigation and an adjustable screen angle….just what we needed? Surely!


Specs and features at a glance:

• 2.8-inch colour screen
• QWERTY keyboard
• Tri-band UMTS
• Quad-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE
• 3.5G high speed internet
• HSDPA and WiFi 802.11b/g
• Word Mobile
• Excel Mobile
• PowerPoint Mobile
• Contacts, calendar
• Push e-mail, notes, tasks
• PDF viewer
• Business card scanner
• MapKing R12 Continue reading “HTC TyTN II launched in India”

Palm Centro smartphone in India

The smallest and lightest Palm phone Centro has made its debut in India with voice, text, email, web, contact and calendar capabilities, a full-colour touch screen and full keyboard.



Specs at a glance:

• 320X320 colour Touch screen
• 5 way navigator
• QWERTY keyboard
• One-touch speakerphone Continue reading “Palm Centro smartphone in India”