Why I love my BlackBerry

When I bought the BlackBerry 8703e from Reliance in 2007, the one thing I just could not appreciate was the bulky look and the fact that being a “Business phone” it did not have a camera or a media player.

Back then, in the price range of Rs 16,000, and with Reliance as the service provider, this was the best I could purchase.

But once I started using the BB, I got addicted to it. And how! From the exhaustive Address Book to having Push Inbox and browsing on the go, the BB became an inseparable part of me. I loved the calendar that allowed me to store several appointments for a single day, each with a customised reminder and snooze.

I began enjoying its bulky look especially because it was sturdier than all the other handsets I’d owned. Strangely, I did not miss the camera or the media player at all. (Being a journalist, somehow it makes more sense to carry a digicam on my person!)

Recently though, my handset went through a very rough patch and ended up ‘dying’. (It just fell three flights of stairs!) I was worried that I’d have lost my phone book, contacts, reminders and my prized notes on my Note Pad…which included random jottings of article ideas and creative writing! I shot emails out to all the people on my mail list asking for their contact information, fearing the worst.

As soon as I was able to get to a Reliance webworld, I was told that the LCD of the handset had got cracked and all else was safe including my contacts, reminders and even my precious Note Pad. Did I breathe a sigh of relief…

While travelling to the webworld I’d been deliberating on a replacement handset and had a choice from amongst an HTC model and the very expensive but gorgeous BB Curve by Reliance.

At the webworld I was apprised of a very unique BB policy. My handset would be replaced by a new one, for Rs 7000 approximately (half the price of a new one) and not only will my contact book and all other details be transferred to my new handset, the activation would also be almost simultaneous.

I jumped for the offer! Today, I have a brand new handset (which is a notch up from my old one too), and all my precious data INTACT!

Having a BB is known to be a big deal. Even though I own one of the low end models, I always receive appreciative looks and envious comments from people who notice my handset. I admit, that kinda gives me a high!

No wonder, I love my BlackBerry.