Blackberry Storm 3 is going to be an improved version of Storm 2?

A few hours ago, we show you a shot of a Blackberry phone (image above), which BerryReview was claiming that it’s the Blackberry Storm 3, but now BGR is reporting that this phone is not the Blackberry Storm 3. They are reporting that they have seen the phone and their Continue reading “Blackberry Storm 3 is going to be an improved version of Storm 2?”

Smartphone Championship: Nokia N900 vs BlackBerry Storm 2

The last match of FoneArena Smartphone Championship was between the Palm Pre and Nexus One, and I have a bad news for Android fans. Palm Pre beats Nexus One by a very big margin. Palm Pre got 625 votes, Continue reading “Smartphone Championship: Nokia N900 vs BlackBerry Storm 2”

Smartphone Championship: BlackBerry Storm 2 vs MyTouch 3G Slide

The last match of FoneArena Smartphone Championship was between the Nokia N900 and HTC HD2, and the winner of this round is Nokia N900. Nokia N900 won the round by taking 684 votes out of 814, and HTC HD2 only got 130 votes out of 814. That’s a big victory for Nokia N900.

Now lets head to the next match. The next match is between the Blackberry Storm 2 and MyTouch 3G Slide. Storm 2 is no doubt a very good and decent phone. And MyTouch 3G Slide is T-Mobile USA latest device and it’s a successor to MyTouch 3G.

So folks are you ready? On your marks, get set, VOTE!

Vodafone UK and RIM announce Blackberry Storm2 with Wi-Fi

Vodafone and RIM introduce the BlackBerry Storm2 Smartphone

Vodafone and Research in Motion(RIM) have officially announced the BlackBerry Storm2, a touchscreen smartphone device. The BlackBerry Storm2 is a thinner and sleeker device with new technology and new features to let customers stay easily connected. Customers in the UK will be able to get the new smartphone first through Vodafone. It is also expected to be offered in Ireland, followed by Germany, Netherlands, Spain, France, Italy and South Africa in November or December.


Storm2 Basic Features:

  • 3.25-inch 360 x 480 resolution
  • 3.2 megapixel autofocus camera
  • Video recording
  • 1400mAh battery that provides approximately 6 hours of talk time on 3G networks and 280 hours of standby time
  • 3.5mm stereo headset jack
  • 2GB of internal memory
  • 256 MB of Flash memory
  • dedicated volume controls
  • Bluetooth (2.1) and Wi-FI 802.11 b/g
  • High speed 3G
  • Games,IM
  • microSD card slot

Notable Features:

  • Inertial Scrolling w/Snap Back
  • Faster JavaScript and CSS processing as well as support for Gears and BlackBerry Widgets
  • BlackBerry Handheld Software v5.0
  • Enhanced SMS UI – notifications, emoticons, threaded chats
  • Updated spin boxes
  • Built-in GPS for maps and other location-based applications, as well as photo geotagging

Major Features:

  • RIM’s Storm2 features improved SurePress technology, which gives a tactile response when pressing on the phone’s capacitive touchscreen(INFO) display. The technology responds equally to pressure placed on the screen. Typing-speed response has also been enhanced. It allows the user to type a letter with one thumb even while their other thumb may still be touching or resting on another letter, enabling faster typing and multi-key actions such as Shift or Alt -key combinations.
  • Users can enjoy their music with standard headphones that utilize a 3.5mm stereo headset jack or Bluetooth for use with stereo headphones after synchronizing the music to the device from iTunes using BlackBerry Media Sync,.
  • More responsive experience and includes usability and visual enhancements such as inertial scrolling, spin boxes that make it easier to set dates and times, gradient shading on buttons and more use of animation.
  • Manage Microsoft Exchange email folders (Add, Rename, Move, Delete) on the handset. Allows users to access remote files shares (Windows Shares), Save, View, Edit, and Email documents from remote file shares, Forward appointments and view calendar attachments on the handset.
  • Features a proximity sensor that powers down the display when the phone is next to your ear on a call. As soon as you pull the phone away from your ear the screen powers on and you can enable calling feature.

Pricing is said to depend on each country’s operating company. Vodafone UK will be offering the BlackBerry Storm2 free from £35 per month on a 24-month contract that includes 600 minutes talk-time, unlimited BlackBerry Internet Service, unlimited text messaging, as well as unlimited access to VMI (Vodafone Mobile Internet) and broadband.

Blackberry Storm 2 (9550) Video Leaked!


A video of the Blackberry Storm 2 (9550) codenamed Blackberry Odin has been leaked. The phone in the video is an early prototype. The prototype doesn’t have Wi-Fi but the final version of the phone will definitely have Wi-Fi. Physically the Storm 2 is almost identical to the Storm but it has some physical changes which make it better and easier to use. The Storm 2 feels nicer in hand.

The prototype is also running the same firmware as the Storm but it is said to have a newer and improved firmware.