Nokia N97 Gets Reviewed in Russia

The Nokia N97 is one the most anticipated handsets from the Finnish phone maker.The excitement surrounding the  phone is at the maximum level since the announcement. Even a Making of the N97 Video was released. The phone is expected to be up for grabs in stores in june

If you can’t wait to check out the phone , there is some good news – at a Russian site has reviewed the N97 in detail and have also attached more than 100 pics of N97 comparing it with many recent high end phones like Nokia 5800, N90, E71, Xperia, HTC Touch Pro, and many other phones.

Below are some best pics taken from the Russian Site Mobile-Review

4N971 n97-5

From top – Nokia N97, Nokia 5800, HTC Touch Pro and Nokia E90


Nokia N97 and Nokia e90 Side by side


Nokia N97 above Nokia E90


Here comes photo comparison between Nokia N97 and E71


Nokia N97 and 5800 seem similar in design .. Build quality might be different


N97 with the HTC Touch Pro


Nokia N97 and Sony xperia in the above two pics

stylus stylus1

Finally guess what this is? Its the stylus.. the most interesting part of the sexy Nokia N97.

Also, have a look on the following video demo of Nokia N97

To view more pics just head over to this translated page.

Author: Deepak

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