Wireless charging: The future or a passing fad?


Wireless charging, much like many other technologies that find their ways into the hands of the everyday consumer has a long and unspectacular past. First attempted, at least in the public sphere, in the early 1900’s by one Nikolas Tesla, whose many brilliant ideas and even more spectacular failures (this being one of them) coloured a rather interesting period in innovation and developments for consumer-facing products. The idea was revived in the mid-2000’s by a number of independent individuals working out of MIT, Jeff Lieberman and Marin Soljacic and team. Wireless power transmission is a bit of a misnomer as wires are almost certainly involved in nearly every step of the way with the sole exception being the wire usually linking the power supply to the “sink” which is the device using the power in the first place.

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HP Pre 3 Live Pics

hp pre3 pics photos

The HP Pre 3 looks pretty similar to the earlier version of the Pre clan but it packs a lot of power this time. The Pre 3 is powered by a 1.4 GHz CPU and has a 3.58 inch display. We had a chance to get our hands on the Pre3 along with the Veer and Touchpad last week at MWC in Barcelona Continue reading “HP Pre 3 Live Pics”

HP Veer Live Pics

hp veer pics photos

The HP Veer is the most tiny smartphone we are seen in recent times and it runs webOS and almost identical specs wise to the Pre 3 apart from the smaller display and  keyboard. We loved the Sony X10 Mini and Pro and we are surely loving the form factor of the Veer. The Veer was announced on Feb 9th in USA and we got a chance to play with this handset during MWC in Barcelona

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Palm Pre Released on O2 UK!


The Apple iPhone competitor from Palm has finally arrived in the UK. The Palm Pre is now available in the UK on the O2 network.

You can get the Palm Pre on a two year contract for 34.26 pounds (56 US $) a month. The plan allows unlimited data, 600 talktime minutes and 500 text messages. You can also opt for other contract plans like the 18 month plans but the pricing policies change. Continue reading “Palm Pre Released on O2 UK!”

Palm Pre Pics FoneArena Exclusive

While we told you Palm Pre is coming soon to India , we are yet to hear from them about the official launch date.The GSM Version certainly does exist as it was spotted at MWC in Barcelona and also in Vietnam. Here are some pics of the CDMA version for now.


The phone is really small and can be used without opening the keypad. But if you need o type , you need to slide out the QWERTY keyboard. The screen is a gorgeous 320×480 pixels

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Palm Pre Hands On Hits The Internet Early!

Consider our minds blown.

BGR has what is the World’s first hands on with the Palm Pre.

Early impressions are a lackluster keyboard: BG says that the top row is hard to type on due to your fingers hitting the top half of the phone, and the buttons are a little hard to type with as well often times hitting two buttons at once. Continue reading “Palm Pre Hands On Hits The Internet Early!”

Palm Pre Emulator Shows the Pre Interface

Below you’ll find a leaked video of the Palm Pre interface showing the settings options contained within the device.

Seems this emulator was given to early developers and someone has posted a multitude (see TONS) of videos showing a run through of the Pre software.
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