Nokia 6210 Navigator and N82 Black High Quality Pics and Comparison

Rita has clicked some great high quality pics of the Nokia 6210 Navigator and Nokia N82 Black

The Nokia Maps functionality and dedicated maps button is unique to the 6210 ..

We got a review unit from WomWorld

Lets jump into a general comparison of the 2 devices

navigator vs the nseries

newer versions have been added to this family at Barcelona .. The 6710 and 6720 are expected to hit the markets soon.. But for now 6210 is one of the most appealing Navigation focused phones .. GPS is not perfect indoors but still works well outdoors

N82 is the best Camera phone ever produced by Nokia or any another brand .. Pictures taken with this phone

which display do u like ? we say n82

match the quality of the digicam .. Even Pics taken N82 in total darkness are good enough ..

The N82 was available in Silver first and we reviewed it and unboxed the black beauty

n82's tiny keys and 6210 slide out keypad
n82's tiny keys and 6210 slide out keypad

The N82 keypad has had mixed reactions .. i personally find it comfortable .. but some users complain its too tiny ..  On the Other hand the keypad on 6210 has a great finish and styling ..

which one's bulkier ?

Both phones are bulky but 6210 wins ! N82 big size can be excused for its fantastic camera ..

good bye 6210
rear view
rear view and camera lens / shutter

The Camera shutter and flash are placed very well on the N82 .. 6210 lacks shutter but the 3.2  MP Camera is not bad

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