Motorola Moto X Style Review

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The Moto X Style from Motorola is the flagship product in the X series from Motorola this year. While the Moto X Play came out earlier last month, the X Style went official in India this month. It is basically a high-end smartphone that has a design that is quite similar to the Moto X Play but has much more beefed up specifications and features. We had reviewed the Moto X Play and we found that it is a really good smartphone and that it is one of the best in its price segment. Will the Moto X Style be able to impress us as much or even more so? Let’s find out in the review.

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ZUK Z1 Review

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ZUK is a new phone manufacturer that has received backing from Lenovo and the Z1 is their first smartphone. On paper, the device seems to boast quite an impressive set of features and specifications save for the older Snapdragon 801 processor that was seen in yesteryear’s smartphones. However, you can’t really write off a phone just because its processor is a bit old. After all, the OnePlus One is also powered by a Snapdragon 801 and even today, the smartphone is sought after by many and since the ZUK Z1 is also aimed at a similar price point, the phone does make sense. In this review, we take a look at how the phone performs in real life and whether that impressive specs sheets translates to an impressive all round performance in real life as well. We would also be comparing the phone to the OnePlus One which could be called its closest competitor.

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Motorola Moto X Play Review

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This is the third year running that Motorola have announced updates in the Moto X series of smartphones. However, this year is a little bit different as they introduced not one but 2 new smartphones in the X series. The first is a high-end model known as the Moto X Style and the second is a mid-ranger known as the Moto X Play. The X Play was recently launched in India at really competitive prices i.e Rs 18,499 for the 16GB version and Rs 19,999 for the 32GB version. The features and specifications promise to put up a fight with the other contenders in this price range. Let us take a closer look and see whether the phone lives up to expectations.

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Karbonn Titanium MachFive Review

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Judging by the device’s name, you would be forgiven for thinking that it is a Gillette product. But it is the latest smartphone from Karbonn that was launched at a price of Rs 5,999 exclusively on Amazon India. Despite being priced so low, the smartphone comes with an 8 Megapixel camera at the back and a 5 Megapixel camera at the front, both of which have LED flashes to assist. Let’s take a look at the phone in detail to see whether the cameras are any good and whether the phone is good value for money overall.

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Samsung Galaxy Note5 Camera Samples


The Samsung Galaxy Note5 carries over the same impressive 16 Megapixel camera with OIS as found on the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge. We used the camera extensively in various situations and in different modes to see its capabilities and this samples gallery will show you just that.

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Samsung Galaxy S5 Review


For the past 4 years, there is an event that most phone geeks look forward to; the announcement of the latest Samsung Galaxy S flagship. Ever since the launch of the original Galaxy S smartphone which was a big success for a flagship device at the time, we have all waited to see what Samsung brings in new every year with the successor to the previous model. Samsung have a history of providing a do it all device with every feature you could imagine packed into a single device. Naturally this year also everyone expected the same.

Each year Samsung manages to sell more and more of it’s flagship device and this year it’s expecting to do the same. However it does have some fierce competition from the likes of HTC and Sony. Only time will tell how it stands against them but let’s take a look at the S5 and how it performs.

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Nokia Lumia 525 Camera Samples


The Nokia Lumia 525, a newly launched device that we unboxed recently, has been known to be a slightly upgraded variant of the Lumia 520. It carries almost exactly the same spec sheet and hardware except for the RAM, which has been upped to 1 GB for obvious reasons. With an incredibly small change in hardware, one would expect everything else to remain the same. But that is not the case with the 525, because it comes with Lumia Black firmware update out of the box, which brings some algorithm-level changes to the already robust camera interface, the Nokia Camera. So, does this change the 520/5’s camera performance in any way? Lets find out from some of our camera samples.

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Google Nexus 5 Review


Google Nexus 5 Review

The Google Nexus One was strictly a developer device, with promises of instant updates and stock Android experience. It did not retail at prices that undercut the competition($530) but managed to become the only device that had the latest Android version. The Nexus S was similar, but with Galaxy Nexus, Google managed to price it surprisingly lower than the competition with similar hardware, thanks to introduction of the Google Play ecosystem. Somehow, from being a costly developer device, the Nexus became a highly desirable and affordable device, that brought users the best Google experience.

Video Review


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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Camera Samples


The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 has a leather-like texture on the back which is interesting, but what sits on top of it is even more interesting. Continuing the tradition of using the same camera units as the Galaxy S series for the Notes, Samsung has included the similar 13 megapixel camera for the Note 3, the exact same one that you find on the Galaxy S4. The 13 Megapixel sensor is Sony-made and is the 1/3.06″ Stacked EXMOR RS CMOS sensor that you find on various other devices like the very recent Oppo N1 and the Lenovo K900, but what differentiates Samsung devices from them is the Fujitsu-developed ISPs that are custom made for Samsung. With a bundle of great algorithms + ISP hardware and a highly sensitive camera sensor, the Note 3 strives to be as good as the Galaxy S4, or may be even better? Take a look at the camera samples below and find out for yourself!

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Official camera samples from the Nokia Pureview 808

Nokia Conversations has just put up a series of camera samples from the newly unveiled Nokia Pureview 808. The 41MP camera packs in some of the most advanced features seen yet in a camera phone.

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Exclusive: 89 Live Pictures from the Nokia N8 Camera

Alright, so i traveled to Vienna this Weekend and scored a Nokia N8. I already gave some Impressions back in may, when i first had my hands on the 12MP Imaging Flagship from Nokia. I can’t say that my impressions have changed much – if you love to create multimedia on the go, the Nokia N8 should be your first choice.  Anyways, i’ve been using it the past 2 days and as you would expect, i took a load of pictures, just to see how well it actually performs. I don’t have an iPhone4 to put it against, but i think the results speak for themselves, no?

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iPhone 4 Camera Samples

Every manufacturer seems to be publishing Camera samples of their upcoming phone to woo users to buy their product.  Apple finally upgrade the camera on it’s iPhone to a 5 Megapixel sensor on the iPhone 4 and also topped it up with a LED Flash. The phone also boasts of 720p HD Video recording. We would have loved to see a video sample but Apple has only shared untouched Camera samples straight from the iPhone 4 and they look amazing. Continue reading “iPhone 4 Camera Samples”