Nokia N85 vs N82 – Part 3 : Camera

The Nokia N82 remains the king of the darkness in terms of picture quality, as far as Nokia devices are concerned, especially thanks to its Xenon flash. So how does the new Nokia standard, the Dual-LED flash perform in comparison to the Xenon, in pitch darkness? Are the pictures good enough? Are the videos better? Here is the answer to your questions, as the 3rd part of our N85 vs N82 comparison.

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Nokia N85 and N86 have their share of Firmware Love, get updates….

The N85 and N86 following the suite of N97, N96, E71, E66, E51 E63 and 5800XM to got a firmware update and the latest version of the firmware for N85 stands at V30.019 and after the first firmware update Nokia N86 stand at  V11.043. The firmware update is always recommended because it usually improves the performance and reliability of your phone but there are times when it’s smarter to wait before taking such step and this is one of them.

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Nokia E75 and N85 Video Reviews

If you’re sick of all the N85 and E75 coverage on FoneArena, then you should turn your head, as here comes a heavy N85/E75 post. We’ve been showing you image galleries of the two devices, we also showed you comparisons with the E71 as well as the N82, in terms of external looks, as well as camera performance, and other cool things. Now is the time to show you how both of these babies perform when it comes to actually turning them on and using them. In the two-part review of each device, we go over the hardware, the design, the menus, some applications, and we show you what we like and what we don’t. You have a demonstration of some games and Nokia Messaging on the E75, of the FM Transmitter and the camera on the N85, as well as many other goodies.

So here they are, two video reviews of both handsets, in 2 parts each, totalling some 38minutes of mobile goodness. Get a cup of coffee and enjoy! (P.S: the volume on the E75 video review is low, my apologies for that, you’ll have to crank up the volume on your speakers!)

Nokia E75 Review Part 1


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Nokia N85 vs N82 – Part 2 : OLED vs LCD

The 2nd part of our Nokia N85 vs N82 comparison tackles the N85’s biggest addition: the OLED display. OLED which stands for Organic Light Emitting Diode bring a new technology to the N85’s screen removing the small light bulbs from underneath it, and thus allowing for more accurate color renditions, darker blacks and a better contrast. Here is a comparison of the same image being displayed on the N82 (regular LCD screen) and the N85 (OLED screen).

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Nokia N85 vs N82 – Part 1 : Hardware

After having brought you the Nokia N85 picture gallery review, we tackle a small comparison with its older brother, the N82. The first part of this comparison is axed on hardware and design.

Both devices bring the black plastic and shiny look in the design category. The N85’s screen is bigger and more vibrant due to its OLED technology.

The N85 is shorter, due to its slider design and also thinner, making it more pocketable and easily carried in a hand. The replacement of the useless Gallery key (N82) with a keylock key (N85) is a welcome addition as it allows to quickly lock and unlock the handset. Continue reading “Nokia N85 vs N82 – Part 1 : Hardware”

Nokia N85: Image Review

N97 aside, the N85 is one of the most recent Nseries devices offering a range of features and combining the best of Nokia into one handset. Many people are calling it the N95 successor, or the better N95 as it takes the flagship’s dual slide design but adds a lot more to it in terms of battery, RAM, internal memory and hardware features. Here is an image review of the N85, but we also have a video review that we will publish later.

The N85 is a slider device. The main unit packs a 2.6″ screen with an accelerometer that rotates the display to landscape when needed. On top of it is the speakerphone with the front camera and the light sensor. Below it are the d-pad which also functions as a Navi-Wheel, the multimedia key and the red and green call keys. Another set of keys, that only light up when the device is being used are the right and left softkeys and the menu button and delete key. Continue reading “Nokia N85: Image Review”

Nokia E75 and N85 Pics more stuff coming soon

We have been getting a lot of queries about the E75 and N85 Rita bring us this Photo Gallery all the way from Paris

Nokia E75 in a Teapot

Well, we did not have the courage to do a Willitblend test on the E75 , but we bring you a steaming hot pic of the E75 sans the tea ..

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Nokia N86 launches as N86 8MP with 8 MegaPixel Camera

Nokia N86 is finally official and it will be officially called the N86 8MP

Dunno why 8MP is part of the phone’s model number. Perhaps Nokia wants to send its ownmessage to Sony about its 12 MegaPixel Camera

Well who needs a Digicam anymore when mobiles phones can do 5MP 8MP an 12 MP ?

Well for now lets get into the details of the N86

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Nokia N86 Confirmed Specs Sheet leaked

Nokia might have forgotten to announce the N86 . Afer you saw the n86 live pics 

The Specs Sheet and a Press Image has been floating around on the web.

The Official launch is very close

View the enlarged image 

The specsheet confirms the existence of the phone and even theres a video of the N86 in action below

From the spec sheet its learnt that the phone will features a 8 Mp camera – no xenon but dual led flash , does video recording 

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Nokia N86 might be Official soon expected to be Flagship Cameraphone

We have seen the teaser from Nokia about its 8MP phone.

We have learnt that this phone is codenamed Corolla as we have seen

This might be the successor to the N85 and have a model number of N86 .. Still not confirmed ..

Its going to be a N8x or N9x for sure .

Specs look like

Nokia to announce 8 Megapixel camera phone at MWC 2009

Rumors are floating in the air that Nokia might announce its first 8 Megapixel Camera phone ( NSeries)

The rumors were confirmed yday when Nokia published this picture on its 2009 Nseries Innovation Newsdesk

The phone is expected to be an upgraded version of the N85 and will sport and 8 MP Camera possibly with Xenon Flash .. read more for our investigation about this leak ..

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Nokia N79 N85 and N96 N-series Photo Gallery

The Nokia N95 and N82 are most popular phones from the Nseries clan.

But the N79 ,N85 and N96 are the new kids on the block .

We managed to get some pictures of these phones for you.

We even have a review of the N85

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The Nokia N85 Review

The latest N Series phone a.ka. The Nokia N85 is in town.

Its one of the most feature packed N Series phones as on date.

The N85 is touted as the successor to the N95

We review the phone and take you through the highlights of this NSeries phone

With a strong lineup of multimedia features, the Nokia N85 is taking the world of mobile convergence to the next level. Gaming, photos, navigation and music blend together with the newest Ovi and third party services via 3.5G HSDPA and Wi-Fi connectivity to make discovering and sharing experiences quick and seamless.

The N85 reminds us very much of the N81 which was the first phone to support a new casing.

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Nokia N79 now in India redefining cool !

Nokia N79 is another phone from the Nokia N series, after N85 made its way earlier and this one is a combination of intelligence and customizable design with a fully-loaded multimedia device.

The Nokia N79 is THE handset for music buffs. The handset comes preloaded with ‘Anthems 1998-2008’, a compilation of 19 all-time favourite classic club songs and 17 new age music videos, presented by the Ministry of Sound…only for the Indian market.

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