Nokia N85 and N86 have their share of Firmware Love, get updates….

The N85 and N86 following the suite of N97, N96, E71, E66, E51 E63 and 5800XM to got a firmware update and the latest version of the firmware for N85 stands at V30.019 and after the first firmware update Nokia N86 stand at  V11.043. The firmware update is always recommended because it usually improves the performance and reliability of your phone but there are times when it’s smarter to wait before taking such step and this is one of them.

There is no detailed change log at the moment but according to early reports, first firmware update (v11.043) for Nokia N86 fixes several known issues, brings dozens of minor bug fixes, further optimizes functionality and stability of the phone across many applications and adds OVI store client application.

Both these devices are S60V3 Feature Pack 2 hence have support for Over The Air Updates(OTA) and also have the User Data Preservation(UDP) feature. OTA Update is recommended if you are having an unlimited data plan or have wi-fi access as it is small in size and hence speedy then the update via the Nokia Software Updater.

Even though these devices support UDP its still recommended to backup your phone before updating.

If any of you chose to update feel more than welcome to share the changes in comments column  below