Nokia X1-01 Dual SIM music phone announced

Nokia has announced a new dual SIM music phone X1-01. This is a music phone with the speaker that can produce up to 106 phon of loudness. X1-00 that was announced a couple of months back, has similar features, but this is a dual SIM GSM phone with dual standby. Continue reading “Nokia X1-01 Dual SIM music phone announced”

Nokia X5-01 Review

Symbian is here to stay, at least for the next couple of years. So, we are here with the Nokia X5-01 review. This device was launched at CommunicAsia last June and hit Indian shores late last year.At the first look, I didn’t liked the squarish design of this device and found it a bit girly. Nokia X5-01 is an X-series phone, known for its music features. As usual, this handset comes with a special key for the music player, however the previous/rewind and next/forward keys were missing from this handset. This handset comes with a slide-out QWERTY keyboard, which helps you to type fast and stay connected with your friends on the go. Nokia X5-01 runs on the Symbian S60v3 operating system and it comes with some great features such as a 5 megapixel camera with LED flash, Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g, 3G connectivity and more. Is this handset worth buying? Check out our exclusive review to learn more.

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Nokia X1-00 Announced for 35 euros !

Nokia has announced a brand new orange colored mobile phone, the Nokia X1-00. The phone is aimed at all those music lovers looking at an affordable phone.The phone boasts of a massive speaker on the back, which is rated at 106phon (phon – a measure of perceived loudness ), where the measure 106 is considered to be enough to rattle your window frames. Nokia also adds that the frequency response of the phone’s speaker has been tweaked in order to keep the sound undistorted at higher volumes, unlike other mobile phones. Continue reading “Nokia X1-00 Announced for 35 euros !”

vJazz Music Phone from Virgin Mobile with free unlimited music downloads

Virgin Mobile recently launched vJazz, a cool snazzy new music phone that will allow users to download free unlimited music – a first for India!

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Sony Ericsson W395 Walkman phone announced

Sony Ericsson W395 [specs] is the latest Walkman phone targeted at the Youth . Features Stereo Speakers, does TrackID recognition and sports a 2 Mega Pixel Camera  for capturing pictures and supports video recording also.

It features motion gaming , the latest buzz among all SE phones ..

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Motorola Yuva W396 Launched in India

Motorola today launched another Yuva phone , the W396 in India


Lasy year same time the Moto Yuva W230 was launched for indian market at CES

Yuva in Hindi means Youth .. so this W396 has the basic entertainment features – MP3 player , FM Radio, VGA Camera

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Nokia 5800 Xpress Music Touch phone launched in India

Nokia launched its much awaited Touch Screen Music handset the Nokia 5800 in India.

Nokia 5800 Xpress Music is the ultimate music and entertainment device that will bring touch User Interface to a broad segment of Indian consumers as well as provide them with a newer & better way of experiencing music. The device along with offering a variety of input methods including a virtual alphanumeric keypad, a virtual computer-style QWERTY keyboard, also has a pen stylus and for true music enthusiasts, a plectrum.

Nokia 5800 XpressMusic is a music and entertainment device complemented by a touch interface. Taking advantage of touch screen technology, the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic introduces the ‘Media Bar’, a handy drop down menu that provides direct access to music and entertainment, including favourite tracks, videos and photos. The Media Bar also offers a direct link to the Web and to online sharing.

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7 New Low Cost Phones from Nokia for the New Year 2009

New Delhi: Nokia announced 7 New Low Cost phones which will be available in 2009

The new phones include 7100 Supernova, 5130 XpressMusic, 2320 classic, 2323 classic, 2330 classic,1202(nokia’s cheapest phone ever),1661

Nokia might have missed the Diwali season this year in India and might try to cover up for this in the New Year !

These handsets have the most basic features according to the price. Continue reading “7 New Low Cost Phones from Nokia for the New Year 2009”

Nokia N79 now in India redefining cool !

Nokia N79 is another phone from the Nokia N series, after N85 made its way earlier and this one is a combination of intelligence and customizable design with a fully-loaded multimedia device.

The Nokia N79 is THE handset for music buffs. The handset comes preloaded with ‘Anthems 1998-2008’, a compilation of 19 all-time favourite classic club songs and 17 new age music videos, presented by the Ministry of Sound…only for the Indian market.

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Spice S-580 Diwali gift idea Economy music handset

Spice launched the S-580 yesterday. This handset is a great Diwali gift idea from a husband to a wife, boyfriend to girl friend, or dad to daughter.

The highlight of the handset is a feature called Dazzle Ring-tone that allows users to listen to a fresh ring tone every time they get a call. The phone shuffles and picks a new ring tone from the list of 10 user-selected ring tones on every new call.

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LG KP199 launched in India

LG launched KP199, a candy bar phone with music capabilities for budget buyers.


• FM radio
• Music player
• Bluetooth connectivity
• Anti Theft Mobile Tracker

Anti Theft Mobile Tracker

If the phone is lost or stolen and the finder tries to insert any other SIM, the phone automatically sends out messages on two pre-stored numbers, and the receivers will know the location and the number of the SIM inserted in the phone. Apart from this the phone sends the messages to the two numbers after every 12 hours or whenever the phone is used. Continue reading “LG KP199 launched in India”

W388 – Music enabled camera phone from Motorola

A lovely candy bar styled music phone is making its march fast from the mobile giant Motorola. Bundled with music key, FM radio and microSD card slot the W388 sports a VGA camera.. Armed with a  with dual-band GSM (850/1900MHz or 900/1800MHz) support for a good connection the phone supports seven African languages.  Motorola’s CrystalTalk technology included in this lovely candy bar should provide awesome call quality.

Pricing expected to be under $100, to be available in Q3 of this year. Continue reading “W388 – Music enabled camera phone from Motorola”

MotoYuva W230 music phone launched in India

The Motorola W230 was launched in the CES 2008 which was covered by Fonearena.

The company has now launched the handset in India.

• GSM 900/1800 and GSM 850/1900
• Up to approximately 550 minutes
• Weight – 80g
• 45 x 110.97 x 14.7 mm
• 1.6” 128 x 128 65k CSTN


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