Nokia E75 and N85 Pics more stuff coming soon

We have been getting a lot of queries about the E75 and N85 Rita bring us this Photo Gallery all the way from Paris

Nokia E75 in a Teapot

Well, we did not have the courage to do a Willitblend test on the E75 , but we bring you a steaming hot pic of the E75 sans the tea ..

Nokia E75 vs N85

Have Nokia’s phone designs improved over the past few years ?

Here is a proof below .  E75 which is a full QWERTY E-Series phone and the N85 which is a N-Series super star (N82 rocks too) soon to be stripped of its stardom by the N86 8MP which got an award even before public availability.

Nokia N85 in a Teapot

The N85 has certainly got great looks but one thing which is missing is the Xenon flash.

Keep watching this blog for more steaming hot coverage of the N85 and the E75.

A E71 and E75 comparison is coming up too

Author: Varun Krish

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