Nokia 5530 vs 5800 in Pictures

If you are still in a dilemma whether to go for the the Nokia 5530 or 5800. Have a look at the pics below. 5530 has been launched in India but not yet available in shops when we checked with dealers today. Its expected soon in stores at a price of Rs.14000 before tax. Enjoy the pics as we gear up for Nokia World in Germany Continue reading “Nokia 5530 vs 5800 in Pictures”

Nokia 5730 vs Nokia N97 Photo Gallery

Here is a photo gallery showing the comparison between the Nokia 5730 XpressMusic and Nokia N97. The gallery is posted by Norman over at Symbian World and includes very good shots of the devices. The Nokia 5730 is the first XpressMusic device to be equipped with a QWERTY keyboard. Continue reading “Nokia 5730 vs Nokia N97 Photo Gallery”

Nokia E75 vs N82 Image Gallery

Many people have been wondering about the size of the Nokia E75, worrying that it’s too big or that it doesn’t easily fit in a pocket. In order to set things straight, here is a small picture gallery comparing it to everyone’s favorite cameraphone Nseries, the Nokia N82. From the images, you can notice how well built the E75 is, how small it is, especially in terms of thickness compared to the N82, and how pocketable its form factor is.

Many of my friends have taken a look at the E75 and told me that they would love to own one, as it looks like a usual phone, but when you slide open the keypad, you get all the qwerty goodness and all the power inside. I have to say that I agree with them.
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Nokia E75 vs E71, Camera Comparison

After having brought you an amazing E75 picture gallery, as well as a comparison of the device with its older brother, the Nokia E71, here is a comparison of both devices’ camera performance. Both handsets sport a 3.2MP camera, with no special lenses (ie no Carl Zeiss lenses like the ones found on Nseries), but with autofocus and an LED flash. Even though, on paper, the specs are pretty similar, the performance and the results speak for themselves. The E71’s pictures are grainy, washed out, have a violet tone to them, whereas the pictures taken by the E75 are more vibrant and more realistic. Continue reading “Nokia E75 vs E71, Camera Comparison”

Nokia E75 and N85 Video Reviews

If you’re sick of all the N85 and E75 coverage on FoneArena, then you should turn your head, as here comes a heavy N85/E75 post. We’ve been showing you image galleries of the two devices, we also showed you comparisons with the E71 as well as the N82, in terms of external looks, as well as camera performance, and other cool things. Now is the time to show you how both of these babies perform when it comes to actually turning them on and using them. In the two-part review of each device, we go over the hardware, the design, the menus, some applications, and we show you what we like and what we don’t. You have a demonstration of some games and Nokia Messaging on the E75, of the FM Transmitter and the camera on the N85, as well as many other goodies.

So here they are, two video reviews of both handsets, in 2 parts each, totalling some 38minutes of mobile goodness. Get a cup of coffee and enjoy! (P.S: the volume on the E75 video review is low, my apologies for that, you’ll have to crank up the volume on your speakers!)

Nokia E75 Review Part 1


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Nokia E72 with 5MP Camera Confirmed as Promo Video Leaks

Another day another leak . The Nokia E72 which is upgrade to the swashbuckling hit – E71 has made its first appearance on the web as an official youtube video got leaked hours back.
We were darn right about the E71 successor sporting a 5 MegaPixel Camera
Possible Specs
  • 5 MP Camera
  • New keypad with Shorter space bar
  • S60 3rd edition FP 2
  • Track ball

Nokia E75 gets a Firmware update, V110.48.125 Now

Nokia today released a firmware update to its latest QWERTY E-Series handset the E75. The current firmware for the device stands at V110.48.125 up from v100.48.78. The firmware update is available via the Nokia Software updater and also Over The Air(OTA). The OTA update is around 5 mb and would be a breeze if you are using wi-fi or 3G but it might take some time on EDGE connection. The device supports UDP(User Data Preservation) so none of your contacts messages etc will be deleted but we still advice you to make a backup of the device before updating

Here are some screenshots of the device while going through the OTA update

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Nokia E75 Pics and Initial Impressions

I got my hands on the Nokia E75 Red Edition. I have been using this phone for the past few weeks after you saw the unboxing video.

Initial Impressions

The phone is attractive and fits nicely in the hand. The Camera has got some serious improvement over the E71. Music playback is good. I have been checking 3 email accounts and like the email application

E75 Package Contents

Here is what I found inside the E75 retail box

Nokia E75 vs E71, Picture Gallery

Well, you have seen the Nokia E75 in all its glory, but how does it compare to everyone’s favorite Eseries device? The Nokia E71 can be considered as the E75’s big brother, it’s the device that brought QWERTY to the masses, as well as great build quality, and a multitude of features in a slim form factor.

The E75 carries the same design language, with metallic accents, but features a narrower size that makes it easier to hold it in one hand, especially when you’re making calls. It is also thicker which allows it to have the QWERTY slider form factor. Here are the comparison images, for your viewing pleasure (as always, click on the thumbnails for the full 12MP photos).

E75 1

The front of both devices shows their difference: the E71 looks like a powerful messaging device, whereas the E75 has a regular mobile phone look. This could be considered as a positive or a negative aspect for the E75, depending on what you look for exactly in a mobile. Continue reading “Nokia E75 vs E71, Picture Gallery”

Download Nokia N97 and E75 Ringtones for free

Vaibhav from SymbianBlog has uploaded the entire set of ringtones found on the Nokia N97 and E75

We can’t wait for the N97 .. So alteast enjoy the ringtones till then ..

I personally like the Tablet tone in the N97 .. Its got a desi touch to it ..

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The Nokia E75 In All Its Glory

Varun showed you last week the Nokia E75 in a steaming tea pot and promised that there would be more E75 action on Fone Arena. Well, here it is. It’s a picture gallery showing the Nokia E75 in all its double keypad form factor, and gleaming metallic and rubberized plastic glory. The E75 is Nokia’s latest and most anticipated Eseries device, carrying on the design language that has done wonders with the Nokia E71. We will post a video review of the Nokia E75 later, but we’ll leave you now with the pictures of this amazingly gorgeous handset (click on the thumbnails for the full pictures in 12MP of awesomeness). The front of the E75 features a good 2.4″ screen as well as the usual T9 keypad, with 2 applications shortcuts next to the D-pad: they are the ones labeled with a Messaging icon and with a Calendar icon. E75 1 E75 1 The top of the device only has the 3.5mm headset plug, that you can use to connect the headphones that come in the E75’s box, or your own preferred set of headphones. Continue reading “The Nokia E75 In All Its Glory”

Nokia E75 Unboxing Video FoneArena

Nokia E75 is the latest email centered handset from Nokia .

You saw the preview of it in a teapot

Its features the Nokia Messaging Application

Other great features include a 3.2 MP Camera , Full QWERTY Keyboard (we are loving it already)

Here is the unboxing of the E75

The E71 too will make a short guest appearance in the video coz a lot of us are crazy to find out if E75 is worth the upgrade from e71 .. watch the video and decide for yourself

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Nokia E75 and N85 Pics more stuff coming soon

We have been getting a lot of queries about the E75 and N85 Rita bring us this Photo Gallery all the way from Paris

Nokia E75 in a Teapot

Well, we did not have the courage to do a Willitblend test on the E75 , but we bring you a steaming hot pic of the E75 sans the tea ..

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Nokia India launches Email with Ease Campaign

Nokia India has launched a microsite to promote its Email offerings, and the Nokia E75 which we have been covering since its MWC launch this year

E75 is the first Nokia phone to come loaded with Nokia Messaging.

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Mobile Stores to start selling Nokia E75 next week

Finally the phone was made official at MWC 09 at Barcelona this February ..

The price of the phone is expected to be Rs.23500 according to the dealer . Not yet confirmed though

The pricing seems perfect as E71 is retailing at just a few thousands away

If you can’t wait to check out the e75 check out the unboxing and the camera samples

For all of you who wanted us to let you know when the E75 is available in the market, here’s the first call.

We told you about the Pre Booking

Today , I got a call from a mobile dealer in my city about the availability of Nokia E75 . Most mobile dealers should start selling the phone starting from Monday.

We have been covering the E75 right from the first video leak in Sep 2008

Then the pictures leaked followed by the specs Continue reading “Mobile Stores to start selling Nokia E75 next week”