Nokia E75 and N85 Video Reviews

If you’re sick of all the N85 and E75 coverage on FoneArena, then you should turn your head, as here comes a heavy N85/E75 post. We’ve been showing you image galleries of the two devices, we also showed you comparisons with the E71 as well as the N82, in terms of external looks, as well as camera performance, and other cool things. Now is the time to show you how both of these babies perform when it comes to actually turning them on and using them. In the two-part review of each device, we go over the hardware, the design, the menus, some applications, and we show you what we like and what we don’t. You have a demonstration of some games and Nokia Messaging on the E75, of the FM Transmitter and the camera on the N85, as well as many other goodies.

So here they are, two video reviews of both handsets, in 2 parts each, totalling some 38minutes of mobile goodness. Get a cup of coffee and enjoy! (P.S: the volume on the E75 video review is low, my apologies for that, you’ll have to crank up the volume on your speakers!)

Nokia E75 Review Part 1


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Exclusive Nokia N78 Sports Tracker video review

There is a lot you can do with your Nokia N78. The Sports Tracker is just one of them.

With the Sports Tracker you can map your activity (such as cycling, walking, driving, running etc) through the GPS and position it on Nokia Map. While the activity is ‘on’ you can take pictures that will get tagged on to your route.

This amazing feature will allow you to track your movement in any part of the world on a map (all the while noting details such as speed, altitude, latitude, longitude etc) that you can share with your friends and even other travel enthusiasts such as yourself.

The Sports Tracker therefore is your very own, personal travel map with a photo album thrown in! It is just AMAZING!!!!

Watch the videos to understand the expanse of this feature that Nokia offers ‘simply’ without too much publicity and grandeur.

Part I


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