Nokia N85 vs N82 – Part 2 : OLED vs LCD

The 2nd part of our Nokia N85 vs N82 comparison tackles the N85’s biggest addition: the OLED display. OLED which stands for Organic Light Emitting Diode bring a new technology to the N85’s screen removing the small light bulbs from underneath it, and thus allowing for more accurate color renditions, darker blacks and a better contrast. Here is a comparison of the same image being displayed on the N82 (regular LCD screen) and the N85 (OLED screen).

One other advantage of OLED displays is that it remains visible even from very extreme angles. Check out this same picture, displayed on both the N82 and N85 and see how much of an angle we can get with the N85 (compared to the N82) while still being able to see the details of the image.

The final part of this comparison will be up shortly and will show you the difference between the N85’s Dual LED and the N82’s Xenon flash.