Official Huawei Mate 8 photos surface online


The Huawei Mate 8 is shaping out to be a beast of a smartphone. Now, with these newly surfaced photos, the smartphone seems to be even more interesting as it has a nice sleek design with a high screen to body ratio.

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Alleged photos of the Apple iPhone 6 leak, features a big screen with no bezels


The iPhone 6 has been rumoured to have a big screen, through multiple reports, but we may be seeing the confirmation of it right now, if the allegedly leaked photos of the Apple iPhone 6 are true. Now, we are always advised to take the Apple leaks with a pinch of salt, as excitement around the iPhones usually drive people to actually make real life concepts, but from what we have seen with leaks after the iPhone 4S, most of them have somewhat turned true and this leak might turn out the same way(Update: High chances it might be fake). The picture you see above portrays the iPhone 6 with a design similar to the iPad mini and the iPad Air, zero bezels on the sides and of course, looks to sport a bigger screen. Earlier rumours had pointed at two models, one with a 4.7 inch screen and the other with a 5.7 inch one, are we seeing the smaller variant here?

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Motorola Moto G Flip Shell in White – Pictures and Video


The Moto G Flip Shell is Motorola’s take on the flip cover that is oh-so-popular in the Indian market. After unboxing the Indian retail version of the dual SIM Moto G, we took the normal shell for a spin and also tried out the new Flip Shell. The white flip shell we bought has a really cool texture on its back and even has magnets to close the front cover, which will offer protection. We found it to be of really high quality, so take a look at how it fits on the Moto G in this video –


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4.7 inch Nokia Lumia 625 revealed in leaked pictures


The Nokia Lumia 625 codename has been doing its usual rumour rounds for a while now, and while the name was confirmed, the device was nowhere to be seen in a leak. Worry not, the leak machine from China is in full swing and images of what seems to be a big Nokia device plastered as the “Lumia 625H” has been leaked with pictures of its front, back and its sides. The Lumia 625 reportedly sports a 4.7 inch screen with other specifications resembling of or improving on the Lumia 620, presumably.

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HTC One mini pictures and specifications leak, reportedly packs 4.3 inch 720p display and Ultrapixel camera


The HTC One mini, or whatever HTC wants to call it, has been eagerly awaited as the smaller One device which will serve the mid-high range market, for people seeking decently sized devices. Today, it has leaked out in full glory thanks to the folks at Forte, an Estonian portal. The pictures and specifications of the supposed successor to the One S were outed, which fit in with similar mid-high range specs and lower pricing. The One mini is purportedly sized at 4.3 inches with a 720p display and sports the same 4MP UltraPixel camera like on the HTC One.

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Nokia N9 is Sexy – Photo Gallery

We hope you have seen Michael’s (@MichaelxHell)Swipetastic review of the Nokia N9. Now, we let the Nokia N9 do the talking through this photo gallery of the device. Continue reading “Nokia N9 is Sexy – Photo Gallery”

Review – Casemate Barely There for Samsung Galaxy S II

This is the review of the Casemate Barely There case for the Samsung Galaxy S II. The review unit is the Chrome model. You can also get the Galaxy S II case in other colours such as Black etc.

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The LG Optimus GT540 Unboxing and Picture Gallery

A few days back, when the world was buzzing all about the impending launch of the Nokia N8, we received a small package from LG – India, in it, a phone (of course a phone silly! you don’t expect a microwave oven review here!), the GT540 also known as the Optimus. This phone bears no resemblance to the Transformers protagonist – Optimus Prime.

So we decided to review the phone despite the fact that you will be busy reading N8 and it’s features.

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Nokia N8 in India – Photo Gallery

nokia n8 india

We were invited to the Nokia N8 Preview Event in Delhi on Friday and here are some pics of the upcoming phone we wanted to share with you. In terms of hardware , the N8 is certainly a great device. The body is made of Anodized aluminum which gives a nice feel to the device and due to the metal used, this device will be available in various colors which you might have not seen on a Nokia phone before. Continue reading “Nokia N8 in India – Photo Gallery”

Nokia 6700 Slide Unboxing Gallery

The Nokia 6700 Slide which was just recently launched in India has landed in our house too and before we put our grubby mitts on it, we decided to share with you the first pictures of us taking it out of its box and discovering it for the first time.

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Tons Of Nokia 5800 XpressMusic Pictures

The Nokia 5800 XpressMusic aka the Tube has been officially announced less than 2 weeks ago, yet more and more photos of the handset are appearing online. Here are a few images and links so you can feast your eyes on the S60 touchscreen goodness.

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