Presenting the Maemo Masters Invitational

If you are looking forward to buy the Nokia N900 in India we have some good news to share. Nokia has launched Maemo Masters Invitational as a part of which 5 readers every week for 5 weeks get a chance to purchase a Maemo Master Edition of the Nokia N900 at the same retail price of the normal device.  This edition packs some extra goodies

We will asking one question every week and you just need to leave your answer in the comments and we shall pick 5 entries.

Here is what you get with the Maemo Masters Edition

  • Nokia N900
  • Maemo Master T-Shirt
  • BH-214 Bluetooth headset
  • Stickers

So here is the question for this week

What is the feature in  N900 and Maemo which no other phone can match till date ?  (Hint- running multiple apps at the same time. We even posted a video about this)


What do you call the keypad layout on the phone ? (Hint – Starts with Q…)

Header over to MaemoMasters for more info

Author: Varun Krish

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