Video: Tilt ‘n’ Roll – Nokia N900 records and rewards Skate Boarding moves

You must have have heard about the PUSH N900 Challenge which took place back in 2009 where we saw a lot of hackers doing really cool things with the N900. The Tilt ‘n’ Roll game is a brainchild of the same challenge and it’s a contribution from the Solderin’ Skaters which comprises of 6 individuals – Keywan Tonekaboni, Nick Thomas, Jan Anlouff, Sebastian Zehe, Erik Weitnauer and Alexander Lenhard.

In this game the skater is fitted with pressure pads, motion sensors and carries Nokia N900 in the pocket. The developers have used their coding skills to recognize tricks and moves performed by the skater and awards points depending on the performance.


Watch another video which gives a more detailed overview of the project for PUSH N900 competition

Author: Varun Krish

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