Nokia N9 MeeGo Phone Announced , available later this year

At the Nokia Connection 2011 event in Singapore today , Marko Ahtisaari, Senior Vice President , Design , Nokia introduced the Nokia N9 the first MeeGo phone from the company. The design looks incredibly awesome and we can barely wait to get our hands on it.  The UI works in a swipe based mechanism and uses no physical keys.


The N9 boasts of a Unibody design and a 3.9 inch curved AMOLED Gorilla Glass display. You can choose between a 16GB and 64GB version.


If you were a fan of Maemo and the N900 and liked the multitasking , things look even more interesting on the N9 as the company claims that it delivers the best multitasking experience on any phone.


We had a big fear that Nokia might put a EDoF cam on the N9 but luckily it got a really nice 8 MP Carl Zeiss Camera with AutoFocus and a Wide Angle lens.It captures video in 720p HD and you can even share photos via NFC.


The device has pentaband 3G network support  similar to the N8 , so you can use it anywhere in the world on 3G except say Korea or Japan. Near Field Communication aka NFC support is built in.

Nokia N9 Video


The only area which lacks clarity at the moment is the Software ecosystem around the N9. The  device comes with Nokia Maps, Music  and Store. There is Qt support built-in to the OS but it’s not clear how easy is it for devs to get their Symbian Qt apps on to MeeGo. The initial list of apps on the N9 include Angry Birds ,  Vimeo, Skype , Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, Accuweather and AP Mobile.

Nokia N9 Price and Availablity

The Nokia N9 will be available in 3 colors – black, cyan, and magenta in 2 storage options 16GB and 64GB. The phone will be available in stores in select countries towards end of this year. The pricing has not been revealed but we expect it to priced at around $650-700 unlocked.

Nokia N9 Specs

Nokia N9 Photos

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Author: Varun Krish

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  • achal


    my next NOKIA 🙂

  • Sujay

    Got to say nokia is back on track with N9 if nokia gets good amount of developers for buliding some good apps for meego os they will surely bypass android os if not now but may be 2 years from now.
    Nokia really knows how to bulid a solid device with unbeatable design which it showed in past with N8.Nokia now just need to keep this momentum with them by giving end user good app support which is where they are lacking.By the end of the year we may see more improved os of n9 when it starts retailing and with more apps.For now its just a good begining for nokia.

    • Prikshit

      Not back on track…. with new avatar watchin nokia as transformers lol eatin the fruits n bustin robots 😛

  • Prikshit

    why nokia dropped meego?
    Skype supports video calling in n9?
    Why TI OMAP 3630 chipset?

    Where is the BBM, iMessage, Facetime like Service for My next phone nokia N9?
    In fact Nokia can do alot better with the messenger service if they will launch they got big range of mobile handsets starting from low price if they can implement messenger service in message they will regain the market again for sure……

    This is 1 Shot dead for Apple fans lol…….:D 64Gigs gorgeous design OMG

    • Prikshit

      Little update sorry i was wrong because nokia n9 message application on Nokia N9 can be used for Text Message, Facebook Chat, Google Talk or Skype chat again one step ahead from others not phone to phone its pc to phone to pc unified oh my nokia i love you <3

  • achal

    @ Varun: I m more concern about FIRM-bond of Nokia n Meego, as it’s not in their priority. Do u have any info. regarding this? What’s d future of Nokia N Meego?
    Pl reply

  • sujay

    prik-shit i think you live in stoneage skype,gtalk all chatting stuff are already available on all nokia symbian as well as meego platforms and as far as services like bbm are concerned nokia is already working on bringing its own ovi messenger service which may come commercially with N9.Small note to end I am not apple fanboy I am using currently android,symbian,i os and meamo all platforms but for your information i appreciate all platforms which matters all consumers in the end.

  • evil

    how dawnload whatapp or msn on nokia n9