Nokia N900 Review

The FoneArena Nokia N900 Review

The N900 is the first phone from Nokia based on the Maemo Platform.  Nokia has expressed their intentions to use Maemo in high-end phones.  The Nokia N900 is a Touchscreen, full  QWERTY slider phone and one of most talked about members of the N-Series recently.
nokia n900 review

Does the first phone built on the top of this relatively new phone platform live up to it’s expectations ? Find out in our N900 review.

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Official Meego Release for Nokia N900 in the works

The Nokia and Intel joined hands  for a open source platform called MeegoMeego is a combination Of Intel’s Mobiln and Nokia’s Maemo. The Meego official site has revealed that the first meego release for Nokia ARM based Nokia N900 and for Intel Atom based netbooks is coming soon. Continue reading “Official Meego Release for Nokia N900 in the works”

Nokia and Intel Merge Software Platforms to launch “Meego”

Today at Mobile World Congress 2010, Nokia and Intel announced that they are merging software platforms “Moblin” and “Maemo” to create “MeeGo“, a Linux-based software platform that will support the broadest range of device segments, including pocketable mobile computers, netbooks, tablets, mediaphones, connected TVs and in-vehicle infotainment system etc. Continue reading “Nokia and Intel Merge Software Platforms to launch “Meego””

Firefox RC3 For Maemo Released: Disables Flash

The Mozilla developers have announced the third release candidate of its mobile browser for Maemo. Firefox for Maemo, also known as Fennec, with the aim to improve overall responsiveness and page load time has disabled the plugin support. This also includes the disabling of Flash support on the software.

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Nokia N900 Version 44.1 firmware update out for download

I just connected my N900 to my PC and checked for updates via Nokia software updater and was surprised to find a new firmware update for the device. The update is version 1.2009.44.1 and has been tested select members of the maemo community for a few weeks now Continue reading “Nokia N900 Version 44.1 firmware update out for download”

Video : Qt demo on Maemo , Symbian and Windows Mobile

If you are a mobile developer and want to get your app onto multiple platforms then Qt is the way to go. Qt is truly cross platform as you can see in the video below that the UI is almost the same on a Nokia N900 (Maemo) , Nokia 5800 (Symbian) and a Windows mobile phone.


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Download Maemo Theme for S60 5th Edition Phones


We know a lot of you are waiting for your Maemo Device as the Nokia N900 is creating so much buzz worldwide ! The N900 is an amazing phone for sure. But Nokia is not going to ditch Symbian for Maemo. Both are here to stay for sometime. So we decided to make offer something special to FoneArena Readers. – A Symbian Theme called Maemo Arena based on the  Nokia Nseries blue Maemo Theme on the N900 Continue reading “Download Maemo Theme for S60 5th Edition Phones”

Nokia N900 Enters USA at a price tag of 649 USD


Today, we come with great news for many of you. The Nokia N900 will start selling in the USA starting from today. The Nokia N900 has already begun shipping to customers who had pre-ordered it. The N900 is also expected to hit other countries in the coming weeks. Continue reading “Nokia N900 Enters USA at a price tag of 649 USD”

Which mobile platform do you love and why ?

mobile-platforms There are so many mobile platforms out there – Symbian , Android,  iPhone , Blackberry , Windows Mobile , Palm , Maemo and now Bada.  The handset market which was once dominated by Symbian and WinMo now has fierce competition from iPhone and Blackberry. Android is growing fast too. Maemo was was never destined to be used in a phone until the Nokia N900. Palm was almost out of the radar until the Palm Pre which came with the WebOS platform. But which is the best ?  As a user which platform do you love and why ? Let us know in the comments !

Video : Unboxing the Nokia N900


After some unboxing  pictures of the N900 here is the video of the Maemo 5 Device being unboxed.  Many users who had pre-ordered the phone are expecting the N900 to arrive in UK and USA and Europe. While we still don’t have much info about India sit back and enjoy the video Continue reading “Video : Unboxing the Nokia N900”

Firefox for Maemo Beta 4 caught running on Nokia N900


The inbuilt browser of Maemo powered Nokia N900 runs on the Mozilla Gecko engine. Now Firefox for Mobile a.k.a Fennec has been caught running on the Nokia N900.In this video  Jay Sullivan who is Mozilla’s VP of Mobile gives us a quick tour of Firefox for mobile (beta 4) running on Nokia’s N900.

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