Proporta Impact Protective Crystal case for Samsung Galaxy S2

We at FoneArena like the Samsung Galaxy S2. We think it is a great smartphone, one that deserves the accolades it has been getting. And like all great smartphones, it demands the best protection one can give it.

Proporta has kindly sent me an Impact Protective Crystal hard case to test. The case here is hardly a case. Like Samsung’s official case, Proporta’s offering  is more of a shell, offering very basic protection and little else for people who want to retain as much of the Galaxy S2’s slimness as possible. Continue reading “Proporta Impact Protective Crystal case for Samsung Galaxy S2”

Proporta Leather Protective Case for iPhone 4 Review


Thinking of protecting your iPhone 4 in a sexy case ? Proporta Leather case is the answer for you. Proporta is a leading manufacturer of all smartphone cases and accessories. The Proporta Leather Case comes with well designed high quality leather with interior design to protect your iPhone from dust, scratch etc. Lets have a look at it in detail. Continue reading “Proporta Leather Protective Case for iPhone 4 Review”

Travel Friendly Accessories For The Gadget Freak From Proporta

Before 2009, I had never taken a plane, never understood what a painful task it is to pack for airport security and long hours of sitting in an airplane confined to a small space. Then, all of a sudden, between 2009 and 2010, I had 16 airplane travels, and the reality of frequent travelers downed on me: it is an unpleasant lifestyle to say the least.

Being the gadget freak that I am didn’t make it easier either, as many times I have had to unpack around 4-5 phones, an external hard disk, a camera, an iPod Touch and my laptop while passing through airport security, then repack everything in less than a minute while not messing up my organization and while still looking relaxed enough to not raise any security threats. Also, the first few flights I took, I had to sit and suffer through the excruciating pain of using the airplane-provided earphones which are incredibly hurtful on the ears, to a point where a few times I decided to pass on the in-flight movies and load my own on one of my phones to be able to watch them with my personal Sennheiser earphones. Needless to say, I knew I needed better solutions and fast, so I turned to Proporta for them.

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The Ultimate Ipod Touch 4 Protection From MobileFun

When I got my iPod Touch 4, I thought I’d just slap on it one of the 4-pack generic screen protectors I had for my iPod Touch 2 and put it in the Marware CEO Premiere case I used for the old one. As it turns out, the 4th generation iPod is smaller and thinner, so the screen protectors weren’t a good fit and the case was just too big. I had to get new protection gear for my iPod and I instantly turned to MobileFun.Co.Uk for it because I knew they’d have a large selection of iPod Touch 4 accessories. I picked the Martin Fields Screen Protector for iPod Touch 4 and the Antimicrobial Silicone Case for iPod Touch 4 and MobileFun were nice enough to send me one of each for review.

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Proporta iPhone 4 Silicon with SteriTouch Review

Here is a Silicone case for the iPhone 4 that protects your device against Germs and Bacteria . It also offers protects the phone from scratches.   Meet the SteriTouch iPhone 4 Silicon Case

iphone4 anti baterial case Continue reading “Proporta iPhone 4 Silicon with SteriTouch Review”

The Top 5 Universal Phone & Gadget Accessories

I’ve tested dozens if not hundreds of accessories over the years, and I really mean that. Screen protectors, cases, chargers, headphones, stands, tripods, bluetooth accessories, I’ve seen it all. But over the years only a few accessories have gone past the “oh I like it” stage to becoming an integral part of my daily usage. These accessories, for the most part, are universal: they will fit any gadget I am carrying which is a must for someone like me who changes devices and manufacturers often and owns quite a few different phones, not to mention trials a lot more.

1. Sennheiser CX-500 In-Ear Headphones

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