LG G6 Review

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The number 5 seems to be quite problematic for the Koreans. Samsung faced some of the worst reviews ever for a flagship product and one of the worst sales performance in their flagship Galaxy S line-up with the S5. The S5 did bring in some improvements but those were minor and in the process almost made some bad decisions including larger bezels etc. All these small things led to very disappointing sales figures and Samsung knew that had to start afresh. Project Zero was born and eventually resulted in the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge devices which were a huge leap from their preceding model. They were a step in the right direction and Samsung has been doing everything perfectly well with their smartphones since except for the Note7 battery exploding issues which did shake things up a bit but still resulted in one of the most profitable years for Samsung with the S7 series. Continue reading “LG G6 Review”

LG V20 vs LG G5 – What’s Different?

LG V20

The LG G4 was a pretty good smartphone but LG decided to bring the V10 out and that put the G4 in the shadows. This time around as well, they’ve released the V20 after the G5. Let’s take a look at the specifications in detail to see whether or not the V20 will cast a shadow on the G5.

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LG G5 Review

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LG hit a home run with the G2 which dropped the Optimus branding from its name but in turn received commercial and critical success. Up until then, LG had almost always been in Samsung’s shadow since their Galaxy S lineup of devices especially had been better offerings and even the Optimus Vu lineup that was launched to compete with the Galaxy note lineup was underwhelming. The G2 went head to head with the Galaxy S4 and although the S4 was a great smartphone, the G2 did improve on almost every aspect possible.

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LG G5 will not be powered by a Snapdragon 820 processor in Latin America


This year at MWC, we saw LG and Samsung go head to head with their new flagships, the G5 and Galaxy S7/S7 Edge respectively. One of the many things that the handsets have in common is that they will be having a Snapdragon 820 variant. However, it seems that while Samsung will be offering a similarly high end Exynos 8890 chipset in other regions, LG will opt for a lower end processor to power its flagship instead.

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LG G5 launching in India in Q2 2016


LG unveiled its flagship G5 smartphone with a modular design along with Friends companion devices at the MWC in Barcelona earlier this week. Today LG has announced that the smartphone will launch in India in the next quarter, soon after the global launch in April. The G5 has a 5.3-inch (2560 x 1440 pixels) Quad HD Quantum always-on display that lets you can check the time, battery status, and notifications without waking the phone. Continue reading “LG G5 launching in India in Q2 2016”

LG G5 Hands On and Photo Gallery


LG has announced its 2016 flagship the LG G5 ahead of MWC in Barcelona. As the name suggests, it is the fifth generation of the flagship G series smartphone. We went hands on with the LG G5 in Barcelona, check our first impressions. Continue reading “LG G5 Hands On and Photo Gallery”

LG G5 will have a secondary ticker display

LG G5 teaser

The LG V10 had a secondary ticker display and so does the LG X Screen which was announced just yesterday. If you thought that it was an indication that the upcoming LG G5 would also have a secondary ticker display then you were right.

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LG G5 shows up on Geekbench – Snapdragon 820 and 4GB RAM confirmed


The upcoming flagship from LG is now receiving a lot of limelight. After revealing that the G5 will have an “Always On” display in a teaser, a new listing on Geekbench confirms the fact that the smartphone will have 4GB of RAM and will be powered by a Snapdragon 820 processor.

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LG G5 sketch reveals design refresh – No rear mounted volume controls


Similar to what Samsung did with the Galaxy S6 lineup, it seems that LG have gone and done a bit of a Project Zero with their upcoming LG G5 flagship as well. A new sketch of the devices design reveals a fresh new design which showcases a very design design philosophy compared to the LG G4.

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LG H830 surfaces in UA Profile – Should be the G5


A new UA profile has surfaced online that shows a new LG handset with the model number H830. This is likely to be a model number of the LG G5 and is shown to be running on Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

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LG G5 might have a metal unibody with removable battery thanks to a clever design


Smartphones of late have often resulted in both companies and users having to make choices. You either get superior materials, build quality and design or have features such as removable battery and microSD expansion. Companies like Samsung went for the former while LG chose the latter and it affected their sales as a result. It now appears as if LG have a new trick up their sleeve that combines the best of both worlds.

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LG teases Feb 21st event prior to MWC 2016 – Could be the G5


It is traditional for big brands to hold separate conferences prior to events such as CES and MWC. LG also has a history of doing the same and it seems that this year they will be holding an event on 21st which is just before the MWC is scheduled to start on 22nd.

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LG G5 might have a metal unibody design

LG V10_fonearena-03

LG chose to stick to a majorly plastic build for its flagship device even though companies such as Samsung and Sony have opted for designs with metal builds. Now, rumours indicate that the LG G5 might come with a metal unibody design.

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G’Five G5 Projector Phone Review

Mobile projectors were all the rage a while back. Deemed to be the next big thing in mobile computing , the size restraints and power requirements caused the idea to never really materialize.Over the past year however we have seen a few interesting models by various brands both big and small in the cellphone projection phase. This includes the Samsung Beam which is probably one of the most popular projector phones in recent years ran on the Android OS and bring high priced , it never really caught on. Fast forward to 2011 and we have a number of manufacturers bringing mobile phone enabled with Pico-Projectors at affordable price points. We take one of the more interesting devices in the market , the G’Five G5 , for a spin and bring you the low down on the mobile-projector experience.