LG teases Feb 21st event prior to MWC 2016 – Could be the G5


It is traditional for big brands to hold separate conferences prior to events such as CES and MWC. LG also has a history of doing the same and it seems that this year they will be holding an event on 21st which is just before the MWC is scheduled to start on 22nd.

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LG G Flex Unboxing in India


LG G Flex, the pioneering flexible phone with a curved screen, was officially launched in India yesterday. This is out and out a technological showcase product from LG, with innovations like a flexible display, body and battery brought to the table. It also features all the high end features that one would expect from a flagship device, but is also a phablet with a 6″ screen. Basically, this is the pinnacle of LG’s engineering prowess, which might actually end up setting the precedent for a whole lot of devices in the future. The Indian variant we have here, is priced at a sky high Rs.69,999/- which is unattainable for most. With that price tag, apart from the device itself, what does the G Flex pack in terms of box contents? We unbox the device to find out –


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LG G Flex successor reported to bend up to 90 degrees


While the LG G Flex is yet to hit retail in most parts of the world, rumors have already started making the rounds about the successor to the device. The LG G Flex II as it is expected to be called will have a screen that can bend up to 90 degrees forward. Continue reading “LG G Flex successor reported to bend up to 90 degrees”

LG G Flex Photo Gallery

Samsung was the first company to announce and launch a smartphone with a curved display – Samsung Galaxy Round. Soon after that, LG announced their curved display phone – LG G Flex. However, despite coming late to the party, LG equipped their G Flex with features like a bendable display and a bendable body. In addition to the bendable nature of the phone, it comes with a special material at the back that can heal the scratches that the phone suffers. This is one of a kind innovation from LG and pretty soon we can expect this ability to feature in most smartphones.

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LG G Flex photos surface online

When Samsung announced their Galaxy Round, most people were left to wonder about the practicality of a device with curved display and curved build. We were also sure of the fact that sooner or later, other manufacturers would follow the trend and release a curved phone. As expected LG was building a curved phone as rumors started floating around the Internet about that and a couple of weeks back, the supposed official press render of LG G Flex was leaked.

The Verge were able to get some exclusive photos of the LG G Flex device from an Argentinian journalist and they have posted photos of it. You can check out the photos below.

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