LG V20 Review


The LG V series is to the G series what the Galaxy Note series is to the Galaxy S series. However instead of being more of an upgrade or an updated version of the G series, the V series phones have an entirely different personality to themselves. The V10 in fact was without a doubt, one of the best smartphones of 2015. It borrowed many of the specifications and features from the G4 but it fixed almost everything that was wrong with the G4 and then bundled some more unique features into a fresh design. The V10 till this day remains one of the best smartphones on the market and the only real issue that people faced was being able to buy one.

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LG V20 vs LG G5 – What’s Different?

LG V20

The LG G4 was a pretty good smartphone but LG decided to bring the V10 out and that put the G4 in the shadows. This time around as well, they’ve released the V20 after the G5. Let’s take a look at the specifications in detail to see whether or not the V20 will cast a shadow on the G5.

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HP Elite X3 Hands On


HP Elite X3 is not just a powerful Windows phone, but a powerful smartphone by any OS standards. It still is in a prototype stage and the final device is in the works. We went hands on with the latest version of the device for your viewing pleasure.

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