Lenovo LePhone S680 heading to China Unicom

China Unicom , the second largest carrier in China is about to become the second carrier to get access to the latest Lenovo smartphone. Powered by Android 4.0 ie Ice Cream Sandwich  , the device is called the LePhone S680. The handset has recently undergone the required certification process which has revealed most of its specifications.

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China Unicom has completely sold the first shipment of iPhone 4, 100,000 iPhone 4 sold

Apple iPhone 4 is for sure the best iPhone yet. Recently Apple launched the iPhone 4 in China, and now VP of China Unicom is saying that China Unicom has completely sold the first shipments of iPhone 4, and the first shipment totaled 100,000 units, and they also said that it Continue reading “China Unicom has completely sold the first shipment of iPhone 4, 100,000 iPhone 4 sold”

iPhone 4 coming to China on September 25th

Yesterday, Apple finally announced that they will bring the Apple iPhone 4 to China, and that’s a great news for all Chinese folks, because they are looking forward to it from a long time. If you are planning to buy the iPhone 4 in China directl Continue reading “iPhone 4 coming to China on September 25th”

Samsung Galaxy S hits China in 3 different flavors !

Samsung has very big plans for their Galaxy S line. They want to launch it in 100 countries, and want to break a lot of records. So now Samsung is heading towards China, the World most populated country. Samsung is launching the Galaxy S in 3 different flavors, CDMA Continue reading “Samsung Galaxy S hits China in 3 different flavors !”

iPhone Sales in China Finally Touches the 100,000 mark


China Unicom today announced that they have now sold more than 100,000 units of iPhone in China since it launched on October 30th 2009. After a very poor start, the iPhone sales seems to have now picked up. But considering the huge subscriber base of China Unicom (144 million subscribers), this number is still very less as compared to the other mobile manufacturers. Continue reading “iPhone Sales in China Finally Touches the 100,000 mark”

Apple finally releases the iPhone in China, WiFi-less

Finally, after a long 2 year wait, Apple has officially announced the Apple iPhone with Unicom as its official network provider. But, as it always is with Apple, the Chinese versions of the iPhone will be shipping without what may be it’s most important feature, WiFi.

Yes, apple have released a WiFi-less iPhone, something that I consider very important since the iPhone’s software is kinda designed to always work best on WiFi networks. But if you Chinese guys(and ladies) can live without WiFi then you can always pick them up at 4,999 yuan($730) and 6,999 yuan($1,025). This pricing is quite strange since a regular iPhone 3GS(with wifi) can easily be bought for $835 in the black.

But this WiFi-less version of the iPhone may soon disapear considering that this initial batch was built when the Chinese government had it’s WiFi ban in force and since this was recently lifted I guess it won’t be soon before we see WiFi coming to these chinese iPhones. Maybe this is why the folks over at 163.com are reporting that there aren’t many people rushing to buy the iPhones.


Apple iPhone China launch on 1st October


Does anyone remember an earlier article stating that the Apple iPhone is due to release in China? It was also known that China Unicom would bring out the device along with Apple.Now the wait is finally over and China Unicom have announced the launch date for the Apple iPhone for the 1st of October. China Unicom is reported to have around 141 million subscribers of a total of 700 million Chinese cellphone users. The release of the iPhone should definitely give a good boost to the number of subscribers. Continue reading “Apple iPhone China launch on 1st October”