Whatsapp for Nokia Asha 501 coming next month, announces 350 million active users per month


Way back, when evleaks had leaked the Asha 500 press image(the same one that got announced today), one icon that stood out was that of Whatsapp. The most awaited app on the platform is finally revealed as coming next month with all the new Asha devices announced today at the Nokia World. And yes, it will be coming to the only Asha SW platform based device on the market today too, the Asha 501. I have been personally holding up on recommending the Asha 501 due to the lack of Whatsapp and now it’s a huge sigh of relief that it’s finally here, at least by the next month.

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Nokia’s HERE Maps launched on Asha 501

Nokia just announced the launch of HERE Maps for the Asha 501 that runs the new Asha Touch platform. The Asha 501 is a budget offering by the ailing smartphone manufacturer and the introduction of the powerful navigation application on the platform will definitely help it stand out from the competition.

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Nokia Asha 501 review

501 Merge

As it continues its fight to regain its place in the smartphone segment, it is Nokia’s feature phone segment that is keeping it afloat. Nokia’s Asha series is wildly popular and with the Nokia Asha 501, the Finnish manufacturer is all set to disrupt the market once again. We’ve previously done a quick hands on with the device but we finally got to spend some time with the handset. Is it worth the hype ? Read on to find out. Continue reading “Nokia Asha 501 review”

Nokia Asha 501 – A discussion with Stephen Elop

nokia-ceo-stephen-elop-asha-501 copy

“The N9 is back!” I exclaimed, when Nokia’s CEO Stephen Elop asked some of us bloggers what our first thoughts of the Nokia Asha 501 were. “Doesn’t it feel good?” he said, and we all nodded in unison. Five minutes before that moment, it was a private room full of bloggers, eager to ask questions to the Chief of a company that just made the world know its effort to re-invent the affordable smartphone. What follows below is a summary of our discussion with Stephen Elop and what we learned from it.

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Nokia Asha 501 full touch phone with swipe UI announced


Nokia Asha 501, a new full touch device with swipe UI, and part of a whole new Asha series of devices has been announced at a global press conference here, in New Delhi. In an effort to revitalize the ever important budget low end smartphone market, which is currently inundated with Android phones, Nokia has released a tiny device that, they hope, can help them gain more traction in the highly competitive market. The Asha platform with touch UI. It initially debuted with the Asha 311 and the other full touch Asha phones, now it has been rehauled with more UX elements from the N9’s Meego user interface, complete with the double tap to wake gesture and the minimalistic homescreen setup. The device sports a 3 inch QVGA screen with hardened glass and is powered by a 1 GHz processor.

Having repeatedly leaked on Twitter, one of them revealed its six colourful shells in a leak last night. The available colours, which are also replaceable shells, come in Bright Red, Lemon Yellow, Parrot Green, Ice Blue, White and Black. The device has 128 MB of internal memory and comes with a 4GB micro SD card out of the box, with options of expanding the memory upto 32 GB. It also comes in single SIM variant. Priced at $99  (~Rs. 5,347) without taxes and subsidies, it is expected to shipping in June 2013 from approximately 60 operators and distributors in more than 90 countries worldwide.

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