Nokia 206 Hands On

Alongside the QWERTY equipped Nokia Asha 205, the Finnish phone manufacturer also announced the Nokia 206 as part of its feature phone offering.

The phone has a candy bar form-factor and looks quite handsome if we might say so. The quality of plastics used here is very high though the high gloss finish means that the phone is a fingerprint magnet.  Continue reading “Nokia 206 Hands On”

Nokia Asha 311 Unboxing

Here is the unboxing of the Nokia Asha 311 which is one of the first Asha smartphones from the company. It packs a 3 inch full touch capacitive screen which is also scratch resistant. It is powered by a 1GHz processor and a microSD 2GB card comes in the box which is upgradeable to 32GB. It packs a 3.2 Megapixel camera on the back. Check out the unboxing video below. It comes with free access to over 45 lakh songs on Nokia Music for a period of 3 months. Continue reading “Nokia Asha 311 Unboxing”

Nokia Asha 311 Photo Gallery – Rose Red and Dark Grey

The Nokia Asha 311 is currently one of the hottest new devices in the market. No, it does not pack a quad core processor or a 41MP camera but it does bring a surprisingly potent package at an irresistible price point.

While we work on the review to bring you the low-down, how about a short photo gallery to check out the phone ? Click through to take a look at the Nokia Asha 311. Continue reading “Nokia Asha 311 Photo Gallery – Rose Red and Dark Grey”

Nokia Asha 311 Gallery

Nokia announced the Asha 311 today as part of its new range of its full touch Asha phones . The higher  end of the two phones, it brings along a much faster processor, capacitive screen in addition to other improvements.

Read on to find out our first impressions of the Nokia Asha 311. Continue reading “Nokia Asha 311 Gallery”

Nokia Asha 303 Review

Nokia’s Asha series represents the next generation of Nokia’s bread and butter. The erstwhile smartphone leader is now struggling in the high end and its line of feature phones is responsible for driving bottom lines. The latest devices in the range have markedly improved hardware, specifications and even a worked upon user interface. Will this be enough to combat the hundreds of low priced Android devices out there ? Read on to find out.

In-Box Contents

  • Charger
  • In-ear headphones
  • 2GB microSD card
  • micro USB cable
  • Nokia Asha 303


The Nokia Asha 303 feels like a premium device in the hand. The curved back with an aluminum back panel definitely helps. Tapered sides and lack of any sharp edges ensure that the phone fits well in the hand.  The QWERTY keyboard is slightly recessed which somewhat helps in balancing the phone while typing quickly.

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Video : Nokia Asha New Touch UI

Here is a quick demo of the new Nokia Asha Touch UI on S40 phones such as the Nokia Asha 311. As you can see there is the notification bar which lets you access data , WiFi , bluetooth and silent controls. You can place a call or compose a message or play music right from the notification area. You can swipe across screens too. Continue reading “Video : Nokia Asha New Touch UI”

Nokia Asha 311 Photo Gallery

At the Nokia Strategy Summit in Chennai today ,  I had the chance to check out the Nokia Asha 311 which was announced only yesterday  along with the Nokia Asha 305 and 306.  Entry level phones are generally slow and boring but you would be surprised at what the 311 packs. In fact , it’s the sexiest entry level Nokia phone I have played with in quite some time. While Nokia call the latest Asha phones as Asha Smartphones , they are still pretty much feature phones.  The phone is insanely fast for its segment and may be even faster than some Symbian phones and entry level Android phones as it packs a 1GHz processor. Check out the photos of the Asha 311

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Nokia Asha 302 Photo Gallery

Nokia announced the Asha 302 QWERTY S40 phone with premium build quality ( reminds us of the E72 or C3) along with two other Asha phones. the 302 is a single SIM QWERTY phone with amazing build quality which we would rarely see on a dumb phone. It runs on S40 but sports a premium chassis which brings the once popular  Nokia E-series to our minds.  Nokia have done a lot of good in terms of the specs with 3.5G HSPA support, bluetooth , WiFi and a 1GHz processor on the inside. Continue reading “Nokia Asha 302 Photo Gallery”

Nokia Asha Phones

Back at Nokia World last month , the company launched the Asha range of phones which means hope in Hindi. The company is calling it an ‘aspirational’ range of phones for the next billion. 4 new phones were launched under this banner – 200 , 201 , 300 and 303 . 3 of these phones will be shipping in 2011 and 1 in early next year. Looks like Nokia is trying to make a comeback in the low-end category which is now dominated by the likes of Micromax, Karbonn, Spice and similar vendors.

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Nokia Asha 300 hands-on

The Nokia Asha 300 is one of four new Nokia Asha series featurephones announced today at Nokia World 2011 in London. The Asha 300 is almost identical in featureset to the Asha 303, except apart for a QWERTY keyboard, the Asha 300 comes with a traditional 12-key numerical pad and a portrait touchscreen. Continue reading “Nokia Asha 300 hands-on”

Nokia Asha 303 hands-on

Nokia today announced the Nokia Asha 303, part of the new Asha portfolio of S40 touch and type featurephones designed for emerging markets and part of Nokia’s strategy of getting the next billion people online. Continue reading “Nokia Asha 303 hands-on”

Nokia Asha 200 : Dual SIM , QWERTY enabled S40 device announced

The Nokia Asha 200 is a dual SIM enabled device which allows for Easy Swap ie it is possible to change the SIM card without turning off the device. You also get shortcuts for social networking , email , IM , Orkut and Flickr amongst others.

The phone can support upto 32GB microSD cards allowing users to store thousands of tracks. The phone is rated for 52hours of audio playback. A 2MP camera is also present at the back of the phone.

UPDATE: Here is a hands-on video of the Asha 200