Microsoft and Nokia, what does it mean?

Nokia acquisition


By now, you’ve likely read about Nokia’s Devices and Services division being acquired in a deal by Microsoft. You’ve also likely read about the movement of CEO Stephen Elop amongst others back to Redmond and Microsoft. What has been less clear is the fallout likely to come from this deal as well as the reasoning behind this acquisition.

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First iPhone Trojan is out


The First iPhone Trojan is out !!!, a forum dedicated to iPhone modification, had initially issued warnings about this Trojan. When the Trojan enters the iPhone it just displays the word “shoes”. Symantec reports that the moment you try to uninstall the Trojan it will delete the bin files on your iPhone and it also overwrites some kind of source code inside the iPhone. This Trojan is called, “iPhone firmware 1.1.3 prep” Continue reading “First iPhone Trojan is out”