Nokia Announces new Updated Services – Nokia Maps, Drive, Public Transport, Reading and Life

Along with the 3 new phones from Asha series, an affordable Windows Lumia 610, and the Nokia 808 which features a monstrous 41-megapixel camera, Nokia has also announced a new range of services for all its users worldwide, which includes – the Nokia Maps, Nokia Drive, Nokia Reading and Nokia Life. Continue reading “Nokia Announces new Updated Services – Nokia Maps, Drive, Public Transport, Reading and Life”

Nokia Asha 202 Dual-SIM Touch and Type announced

Nokia today announced yet another new affordable phone to its Asha series, called the Nokia Asha 202. The new phone comes with a Dual-SIM Easy Swap technology and a combination of a traditional keypad with a 2.4-inch QVGA touch screen dispaly.  Continue reading “Nokia Asha 202 Dual-SIM Touch and Type announced”

Nokia Lumia 610 Affordable Windows Phone Announced

Nokia announces the fourth and the most affordable Windows Lumia smartphone, the Nokia Lumia 610 at the MWC 2012 event in Barcelona. The new phone will allow users to access to social networks, which includes Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc., along with the availability of thousands of apps from Windows Marketplace. Continue reading “Nokia Lumia 610 Affordable Windows Phone Announced”

Sony Xperia P Announced with 4-inch display, 8MP Camera and NFC


Sony has announced its new upcoming smartphone, the Sony Xperia P at the company’s press event held at MWC 2012 Barcelona. The phone comes with an Aluminium uni-body, and features a dual-core processor, 4-inch WhiteMagic display, 8-megapixel camera with 1080p video recording and GPS. Continue reading “Sony Xperia P Announced with 4-inch display, 8MP Camera and NFC”

Huawei Ascend D1 1.5GHz Dual-core LTE Smartphone Announced

Huawei announces the Hawei Ascend D1 dual-core Android smartphone which comes with LTE support. The phone features a 4.5-inch IPS display with a 1280×720 HD resolution and is powered by 1.5GHz dual-core processor.

Continue reading “Huawei Ascend D1 1.5GHz Dual-core LTE Smartphone Announced”

Spice Transformer M-5500 Dual-SIM Phone

After a tremendous success of the Tranformers movie series, looks like Spice Mobiles is cashing on the gaining popularity of the Hollywood action packed movie, with the launch of its new phone called ‘Transformers’. Continue reading “Spice Transformer M-5500 Dual-SIM Phone”

BestBuy Announces Music Cloud Service

Looks like all the clouds are gearing up to store your music, with BestBuy launching its own Cloud Music service called the ‘Music Cloud’. The Cloud storage has become the latest trend, with the Amazon, Google and Apple already announcing their own versions of the cloud music services. Continue reading “BestBuy Announces Music Cloud Service”

Nokia N950 Available Exclusively for Developers

Looks like its going to take a long time for all the Nokia fans around the world, to come out of the excitement, especially after the announcement of the stunning Nokia N9 MeeGo device. But I am sure you must be wondering about the device which we were all expecting to be the N9, with the full-QWERTY keyboard, though it turned out to be a pure touch screen phone. Continue reading “Nokia N950 Available Exclusively for Developers”

BlackBerry Bold 9900 Coming to 3 UK in August

BlackBerry Bold 9900, the phone which was first announced at the BlackBerry World Conference 2011 held at Orlando, is finally coming to 3 UK this August. So the phone is arriving much earlier than the previously announced September release. Continue reading “BlackBerry Bold 9900 Coming to 3 UK in August”

Unlocked Apple iPhone 4 Available for $649 in USA

As we told you yesterday about the Apple iPhone 4 Unlocked arriving across all the Apple stores in the USA. The unlocked iPhone 4 is finally available for purchase at the online Apple store in USA. Since the launch of the phone in June 2010, the unlocked iPhone 4 was not available in any of the Apple stores in US officially and customers had to purchase it along with a carrier data plans offered by AT&T and Verizon. There was an option to get the phone without a contract by paying a similar price tag but the device was still locked to AT&T. Continue reading “Unlocked Apple iPhone 4 Available for $649 in USA”

Samsung Galaxy S II gets another Advert

As we are getting closer for the launch of the most awaited phone of this year, Samsung releases yet another ad about its upcoming Android smartphone, the Galaxy S II. The phone was already launched in South Korea yesterday, and is gearing up for a grand release in about 120 countries through 140 operators. Continue reading “Samsung Galaxy S II gets another Advert”

Samsung Hero E3213 Cheap 3G phone @ Rs.3390

Samsung has launched its new classic bar 3G phone, the Samsung Hero E3213. The phone comes with features like HSDPA support for fast downloads, native SNS for keeping touch with social networks, multiple IM services for instant messaging with friends, and a full portfolio of multimedia features for on-the-go entertainment. The E3213 is Samsung’s cheapest 3G device, which is a good bargain for its features. Continue reading “Samsung Hero E3213 Cheap 3G phone @ Rs.3390”