Asus rumored to be working on two new Transformer tablets

Asus was the first company that introduced the concept of Android transformer tablet which a detachable dock. Asus was also the first company that came up with Asus PadFone concept. Despite being innovations of their own, both the series failed commercially. But Asus isn;t giving up. They have launched a lot of Transformer products till now and according to rumors from Italy, the company is working on two more models of Asus Transformer series.

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How to root your Transformer TF700 with Jelly Bean

TF700 received Jelly Bean update some time back due to the people not on OTA RootKeeper lost their root. Now XDA developer hiemanshu has come up with a solution to root your TF700 running on Jelly Bean, follow the steps to root your device.

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Hands On : Asus Transformer Pad Infinity 700 Series

Asus today announced its next generation of tablet computers powered by Android. They are playing the transformation card and equipping all of them with the ability to dock with a separate keyboard which not only boosts productivity but enhances battery life by several hours.

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Adobe announces suit of tablet optimized apps

At Adobe MAX , the California based company launched a slew of tablet optimized apps to be made available for both Android and the iPad. The apps are focused towards users looking to use their tablets for creative purposes.

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Spice Transformer M-5500 Dual-SIM Phone

After a tremendous success of the Tranformers movie series, looks like Spice Mobiles is cashing on the gaining popularity of the Hollywood action packed movie, with the launch of its new phone called ‘Transformers’. Continue reading “Spice Transformer M-5500 Dual-SIM Phone”

ASUS Announces EeeTransformer and EeeSlider

We have alreadu shown you two new tablets from ASUS- the EeePad and the EeeSlate. Now here are two more tablets from ASUS called the EeeTransformer and the EeeSlider.

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The Transformer Concept phone

One look at it and you might be tempted to ask: Is this a phone? An instrument to communicate?


It has been designed by Shkinder Maxim, the phone works mainly as a cell phone but is also capable of taking photos/video and functions as a multimedia player, a projector, and even supports holographic imaging and 3D scanning.

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