BestBuy Announces Music Cloud Service

Looks like all the clouds are gearing up to store your music, with BestBuy launching its own Cloud Music service called the ‘Music Cloud’. The Cloud storage has become the latest trend, with the Amazon, Google and Apple already announcing their own versions of the cloud music services.

The service lets users to upload all their music stuff to the Cloud storage, and stream music on multiple devices, which includes mobiles, tablets and PC. The Music Cloud comes with an easy to install software, which allows you to save all your songs on your device , to continue listening them when you are offline. But the main drawback with the service is that, you can sync music files only with the iTunes, and we are expecting BestBuy to fix this problem soon.

The new music service will be available in two versions – Lite (Free) and Premium ($3.99/month). The BestBuy Music Cloud is powered by Catch Media’s PlayAnywhere technology and is currently available only on iOS, Android and BlackBerry devices, running on AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Alltel service providers.