Amazfit BIP S Review

India’s wearable market is booming like never before, in which activity trackers play a major role, right behind the other bestseller – True Wireless earbuds. I personally stand in favour of activity trackers, as it keeps me motivated throughout the day. It makes me push my limits everyday and if you, like me, have a fitness regime, activity trackers are great. With so many activity trackers to choose from, I share my thoughts about the Rs. 4,999-priced successor of a successful activity tracker watch, the Amazfit BIP.

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Amazfit GTR Review – Smart and Classic

In a world full of modern gadgets that is supposed to get us more productive, we have become rather more comfortable. As a consequence, we have failed to realize that this human body adds fat if it becomes too comfortable. From being active to sedentary, in spite of reduced physical activity, we certainly did not reduce or think about our daily food intake. This is where activity trackers come in, to remind you that technology is really supposed to get us more productive. The watch always reminded us to be more productive, now there are smartwatches, so we can be more productive AND healthier (smarter) at the same time.

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Realme XT Review – Between Midrange and a Flagship

I can’t help but think Realme is preparing its boundaries to justify their future flagship killer with excellent build quality on a beautiful looking XT. Initially I felt bad for quick successive phones being launched in a short span of time but when the Realme X came out, it showed that a full display design language can be brought down to mid-range without many compromises. But for those who are not in favour of moving parts, like me, the XT takes it down a notch as a decent compromise. Now after using the phone for the past 21 days, the Realme XT has impressed me in many ways and in the meantime it also has a few areas of concern. Hence the review in which I will get all your doubts cleared, whether to go with the Realme XT or to wait for future devices from Realme.

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