Indian smartphone manufacturing hits Rs. 3,50,000 Cr

In a recent update shared by Ashwini Vaishnaw, the Minister for Railways, Communications, Electronics, and Information Technology, the Indian mobile industry has undergone a significant transformation over the past nine years. The minister took to X to announce the outcomes of a meeting with key stakeholders in the mobile sector. Continue reading “Indian smartphone manufacturing hits Rs. 3,50,000 Cr”

vivo X60 Pro Camera Samples

The vivo X60 Pro is the latest premium offering from vivo which holds a step below vivo X60 Pro+. vivo is known for its camera capabilities and the X60 Pro’s setup has taken it further high in expectations. The vivo X50 Pro that came out last year with more hype about gimbal implementation and surprised everyone. From the initial time, we spent with vivo X60 Pro we can understand that vivo was clear about their gimbal 2.0 and came up with an awesome result. Continue reading “vivo X60 Pro Camera Samples”

Redmi Note 10 Camera Samples

Redmi Note 10 is the successor to Redmi Note 9 which was launched in India on July 2020. Redmi Note series Smartphones are known for its multimedia capabilities and the previous generation phones were been powered by MediaTek SOC, and for the first time after Redmi Note 7 Pro the all new Note 10 pushes expectations as it is being powered by Snapdragon 678 and a quad camera setup. Continue reading “Redmi Note 10 Camera Samples”

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G Camera Samples

Galaxy S21 Ultra is the latest premium flagship offering from Samsung. Samsung is known for its flagship phone camera capabilities and the S21 ultra’s setup has taken it further high in expectations. The S20 Ultra on the other hand was one that came out with more hype and failed to keep up. From the initial time, we spent with S21 Ultra we can understand that Samsung was clear about their errors with S20 Ultra and came up with a solution in the name of S21 Ultra.  Continue reading “Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G Camera Samples”

Get Android 11 on Xiaomi Mi A3 with Paranoid Android

Xiaomi launched its first Android One smartphone — Mi A1 back in 2017, which was originally introduced as Mi 5X in China. Then Mi 6X became the Mi A2 in India, and the third-generation Android One phone from Xiaomi, the Mi A3 is actually the CC9e smartphone that was introduced in China. However, Mi A3 came with only HD+ screen, even though it’s Super AMOLED. Continue reading “Get Android 11 on Xiaomi Mi A3 with Paranoid Android”

Google Pixel 4a Review — Masters every Pixel

In the current smartphone market, the camera plays a pivotal role and Google has pioneered this section and got the ability to deliver near-perfect outputs even through average to below-average camera sensors. Google Pixel phones are very well known for its computational photography capabilities from the day Pixel branding was born. The birth of Pixel resulted in the death of the Nexus line up. Continue reading “Google Pixel 4a Review — Masters every Pixel”

TicWatch GTX Review – Does it Tic(k) the right boxes?

TicWatch, known for its smartwatches and activity trackers belongs to parent company Mobvoi Information Technology Company Limited, which was founded 8 years ago. Besides smartwatches, they also make other wearables like TWS and headsets. Their top-of-the-line product in terms of activity trackers to date is TicWatch Pro.

At the lower price point the TicWatch GTX is an entry-level activity tracker cum basic watch sporting a classic look and is powered by its proprietary operating system. At around 5k, can TicWatch GTX justify the price tag? Let’s check out the review to find out. Continue reading “TicWatch GTX Review – Does it Tic(k) the right boxes?”

Google Pixel 4a Camera Samples

Google is a strong contender when it comes to smartphone photography. Pixel team has taken smartphone camera capability to next level. The current market is crowded by megapixel race, and we can see phones coming equipped with 108MP sensors as well, but the Pixel 4a comes with a 12.2MP rear camera with f/1.7 aperture, LED flash, Dual PD autofocus, OIS, EIS, 4K video recording at 30fps, 1080p at up to 120fps and 720p at up to 240fps. Team pixel is strong in computational photography and it is once again proven via Pixel 4a. On the front Pixel 4a packs 8MP fixed focus camera with 84° ultra-wide lens, f/2.0 aperture Continue reading “Google Pixel 4a Camera Samples”

ASUS ROG Phone 3 Review: SPEC-tacular

Smartphones specially made for gaming are not new. We even had phones like the Nokia N-Gage in 2003 for similar purposes and the legacy continued with Samsung phones and also Sony’s PlayStation certified Xperia Play. Also phones powered by Tegra processors in 2010 had separate stores filled with games tweaked to enjoy the fullest hardware power of the Tegra series. Later Razr acquired Nextbit and released a gaming phone with 120Hz refresh rate display and powerful stereo speakers.

Now came the true gaming beast from ASUS among powerful smartphone lineups from different OEM’s in 2018, named the ROG Phone. From then ROG Phone series kept dominating the gaming smartphone lineup for the two successive years and here came ROG Phone 3 to continue the legacy.
Will ROG Phone 3 live up to the name, Let’s dive in. Continue reading “ASUS ROG Phone 3 Review: SPEC-tacular”

Amazfit BIP S Lite Review

Activity trackers play a major role in India’s wearable market! Among major players, Amazfit has a dominating presence in terms of value for money products. I stand in favour of activity trackers, as it keeps me motivated throughout the day. It makes me push my limits every day and if you, like me, have a fitness regime, activity trackers are great.

With so many showing interests in activity trackers, I share my thoughts about Rs. 3,799-priced successor of a successful entry-level activity tracker watch, the Amazfit Bip Lite. Also, what for they named it Lite when most features are similar to bigger brother!

Continue reading “Amazfit BIP S Lite Review”

Nokia 5310 2020 Review – A Loud Comeback

Back in those days the name NOKIA meant TRUST, especially among us Indians. Even a small detail like the boot animation of shaking hands added a sense of identity and created a deep attachment with the masses. Most smartphone users today have a sweet past with Nokia phones, including their flagship Symbian phones. Betting on this nostalgic sentiment, Nokia, with HMD global, started their new retro series with the introduction of Nokia 3310, Which was followed by Nokia 8810 4G and the iconic flip phone Nokia 2720(not made available in India). Continue reading “Nokia 5310 2020 Review – A Loud Comeback”

Amazfit BIP S Review

India’s wearable market is booming like never before, in which activity trackers play a major role, right behind the other bestseller – True Wireless earbuds. I personally stand in favour of activity trackers, as it keeps me motivated throughout the day. It makes me push my limits everyday and if you, like me, have a fitness regime, activity trackers are great. With so many activity trackers to choose from, I share my thoughts about the Rs. 4,999-priced successor of a successful activity tracker watch, the Amazfit BIP.

Continue reading “Amazfit BIP S Review”

Amazfit GTR Review – Smart and Classic

In a world full of modern gadgets that is supposed to get us more productive, we have become rather more comfortable. As a consequence, we have failed to realize that this human body adds fat if it becomes too comfortable. From being active to sedentary, in spite of reduced physical activity, we certainly did not reduce or think about our daily food intake. This is where activity trackers come in, to remind you that technology is really supposed to get us more productive. The watch always reminded us to be more productive, now there are smartwatches, so we can be more productive AND healthier (smarter) at the same time.

Continue reading “Amazfit GTR Review – Smart and Classic”

Realme XT Review – Between Midrange and a Flagship

I can’t help but think Realme is preparing its boundaries to justify their future flagship killer with excellent build quality on a beautiful looking XT. Initially I felt bad for quick successive phones being launched in a short span of time but when the Realme X came out, it showed that a full display design language can be brought down to mid-range without many compromises. But for those who are not in favour of moving parts, like me, the XT takes it down a notch as a decent compromise. Now after using the phone for the past 21 days, the Realme XT has impressed me in many ways and in the meantime it also has a few areas of concern. Hence the review in which I will get all your doubts cleared, whether to go with the Realme XT or to wait for future devices from Realme.

Continue reading “Realme XT Review – Between Midrange and a Flagship”