Nokia 5.4 Camera Samples

Nokia 5.4

Nokia 5.4 is the quick successor for Nokia 5.3 which was made available in India on August 2020. Even a budget Nokia smartphone is known for its camera and the Nokia 5.4 pushes expectations with its primary 48MP sensor.

For the first time we see a Nokia phone coming equipped with 48MP sensor in this budget. From the initial time, we spent with Nokia 5.4 we can understand that Nokia was clear about their mistakes with Nokia 5.3’s camera setup and came up with a solution in the name of Nokia 5.4. Did they deliver this time? Let us check below:


  • 48MP rear camera with LED flash
  • 5MP wide-angle camera
  • 2MP depth sensor
  • 2MP for macro
  • 16MP front-facing camera

With Nokia 5.4 being put into continues use in every possible light conditions, I can say that Nokia has improved the optics, considering where it all started. However, seeing a 2MP macro sensor still, kind of worries me. In my opinion, a good primary sensor is enough to produce quality macro shots.

The 48MP mode, which for some unknown reasons kept in the aspect ratio bar, offers plenty of details. The ultra-wide camera is average and maintained different color profile as other cameras. White-balancing and colour reproduction varies between sensors.

We can also see improvements in the low-light performance compared to previous generation. It manages to pick up and retain the detail by introducing noise. The Night mode kicks in the pseudo-long exposures and brightens the darker areas, but in the right way.

The front camera, on the other hand, takes good selfies during the daytime and below average ones at night. There are options like night mode which improves nighttime selfies and rear cam output. Also, Night mode requires the user to hold the phone stable enough to avoid blurred or shaky outputs.

Check out the camera samples below:

Primary Camera Samples

Ultra Wide Camera Samples

Macro Camera Samples

      • Macro Sensor
      • Macro with Primary camera

Night mode On

Night mode Off

Front Camera Samples


Selfie Portrait

Object Portrait

Rear camera Portrait

Panorama Samples


The Nokia 5.4 performs well compared to last generation Nokia 5.3 and this does not mean it is perfect. It also lags behind compared to current competition in few areas as listed below in cons section.


  • Improved low light algorithms
  • 48MP primary sensor
  • Better object portraits


  • Lack of Pro mode
  • Avg selfie camera

Available in Dusk and Polar Night colour options, Nokia 5.4 is priced at Rs. 13,999 for 4GB + 64GB variant and Rs. 15,499 for 6GB + 64GB variant. It is available on Flipkart and Nokia India website.

Author: Siva Bharani

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