Nokia N9 not coming to USA

The Nokia N9 which will be Nokia’s first and only MeeGo device is eagerly awaited by people all over the world but it seems that America will not be able to experience the awesomeness of the user interface. Engadget has been reaching out to Nokia for a comment regarding availability of the device and sadly the answer is no. The reply can be read below in its entirety.

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Exclusive : The Epic Nokia N950 Hands On !

The first Nokia Harmattan / MeeGo device , the Nokia N9 , has been garnering rave reviews everywhere. However there is one more MeeGo phone ie the developer only Nokia N950. Rumor has it that the N950 was supposed to be launched in 2010 as the first MeeGo device but got canned. Nokia has been handing these out to select developers to spurt the development of Qt apps for the N9 as well as the next billion Qt enabled devices.

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Video : Multi-Tasking on the Nokia N9

nokia n9 multitasking

Here is a quick look at Multitasking on the Nokia N9 powered by MeeGo. When you see a preview of all the apps currently running , it shows you the every app’s current state in realtime and not just a screenshot like in some other platforms. For instance the Compass app reacts to movements even when in the Multitasking view. Pretty impressive ! Watch it in action in the video below. Continue reading “Video : Multi-Tasking on the Nokia N9”

Exclusive Photo Gallery : 99 Photos of the Nokia N9 !

Nokia N9 Photo Gallery

You must have surely read about the Nokia N9 and how awesome the hardware is. The device was announced today at Singapore. The N9 proves that Nokia can still make awesome phones. The phone is powered by MeeGo which means the device is truly open source. FoneArena’s Michael Hell was at the N9 Meetup in Austria and he brings us 99 photos of the Nokia N9. Sit back relax and drool over the N9.

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Nokia N9 Launch Countries – India , USA missing

The Nokia N9 was announced in Nokia Connection 2011 event in Singapore. Nokia also released a check availability page which indicates the countries in which the Nokia N9 is available. Sadly India is missing from that list and even USA. We might wonder that Nokia is working on carrier deals for USA but for India looks like it might be same story like the N900. Continue reading “Nokia N9 Launch Countries — India , USA missing”

Nokia N950 Available Exclusively for Developers

Looks like its going to take a long time for all the Nokia fans around the world, to come out of the excitement, especially after the announcement of the stunning Nokia N9 MeeGo device. But I am sure you must be wondering about the device which we were all expecting to be the N9, with the full-QWERTY keyboard, though it turned out to be a pure touch screen phone. Continue reading “Nokia N950 Available Exclusively for Developers”

Nokia N9 MeeGo Phone Announced , available later this year

At the Nokia Connection 2011 event in Singapore today , Marko Ahtisaari, Senior Vice President , Design , Nokia introduced the Nokia N9 the first MeeGo phone from the company. The design looks incredibly awesome and we can barely wait to get our hands on it.  The UI works in a swipe based mechanism and uses no physical keys.

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Nokia shows off new strategy at Nokia Connection 2011

At the Nokia Connections 2011 event in Singapore, the company showed of it’s new strategy. Symbian Anna was demoed and is expected to hit devices in July-August. Nokia N9 was announced and also a couple of Dual SIM phones were announced.In  other news S40 phones will get Maps . Continue reading “Nokia shows off new strategy at Nokia Connection 2011”