HTC Windows Phone 8S finally hitting stores in India at Rs. 19,359

The long awaited entry level Windows Phone 8 handset, the HTC 8S, is now available in India at a price point of Rs. 19,359. Online retailer Saholic has now listed the handset as available. The HTC 8S follows the 8X which has been quite a popular handset partly due to the lack of competition in the WP8 segment.

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Google has no plans to build Windows 8, WP8 apps

Hoping to use an official Gmail or Youtube app on your brand new Windows Phone device ? You might be out of luck as the company is not too keen on bringing its products to Microsoft’s mobile offering.

 Google Apps Product Manager, Clay Bavor, said in an interview with V3 that the lack of interest in the platform means that the company is not planning to develop apps for the platform just yet.  Continue reading “Google has no plans to build Windows 8, WP8 apps”

HTC Windows Phone 8X gets new SMS features and ‘keep on WiFi’ via update

Microsoft is pushing out an OTA update for the HTC Windows Phone 8X which will add some much needed features to the flagship device. Windows Phone users have always complained about the WiFi switching off as soon as you turn off the screen, this has been fixed or rather made optional after the update. Users can now now opt to keep the WiFi switched on even when the screen is off.

Called the “Portico” update, It also adds new SMS centric features. Users now have the ability to reject calls with an SMS, it is not possible to select all SMS messages to mass delete. A last feature is the ability to create SMS drafts so that you can compose a message and send it later. The build number for the update is 10211 and it also fixes the rebooting issues faced by a large number of users. Has your HTC 8X received the update ? Let us know in the comments below.


Nokia Lumia 620 unveiled, to be available starting January for $250

Nokia just introduced its latest Windows Phone 8 handset at the Le Web Conference in Paris. Marking the lower end of the Windows Phone 8 range the phone will be offered in seven colors and supports exchangeable shells in gloss and matte finishes depending on the color you chose.

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Apollo Plus update rumored to bring improved WiFi, other fixes to Windows Phone 8

Rumors have surfaced that Microsoft plans to detail its next update for Windows Phone 8 at the Mobile World Congress in February. The update is expected to bring a lot of bug fixes alongside new features. The Verge suggests that Microsoft will be bringing bug fixes related to audio issues that some  users have been facing. We’re also expecting to see persistent WiFi capabilities introduced.

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Samsung ATIV Odyssey Windows Phone 8 handset leaked

At its Windows Phone 8 launch event last month, Microsoft had revealed a 2nd Samsung WP8 device which would head to Verizon. This handset would accompany the higher end ATIV S. The image of the handset was however kept under wraps. We can now see what the Samsung ATIV Odyssey looks like thanks to EVLeaks.

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HTC Windows Phone 8X Review

One of the first phones to roll out in the market running the long awaited Windows Phone 8 operating system, the HTC Windows Phone 8X is being dubbed as a signature Windows Phone device. Meant to provide an experience tailor-made for the tiled UI, the 8X marries exquisite design with what might just be the third ecosystem we’ve all been waiting for.

HTC has a long history with Microsoft being one of their biggest partners for Windows Mobile devices. Will they be able to recreate the magic here with their first Windows Phone 8 device ? Read on to find out more. Continue reading “HTC Windows Phone 8X Review”

Windows Phone 8 Review

Back in 2010 when Microsoft introduced its brand new take on the smartphone dubbed Windows Phone, it was a brand new take on how a smartphone should work. Gone was the desktop-inspired UI and the inherent sluggishness, dependence on stylus input. The new and improved OS was designed ground up for a more modern world but inside was ticking the same core which brought along with it several limitations. Today we have yet another reboot but this time with a brand new core while retaining the best of and improving on the rest of the experience.

In our Windows Phone 8 preview we touched upon some of the more obvious changes in the OS.  We’ll be taking a look at those in addition to the MANY other new features in the OS in a step by step manner below. Keep reading to learn more about Windows Phone 8 ! Continue reading “Windows Phone 8 Review”

HTC Windows Phone 8X launched in India at Rs 35,023

HTC is launching its new range of Windows Phone 8 devices in India including the HTC Windows Phone 8X and 8S. The 8X which is called a signature Windows Phone device by HTC is powered by a dual core 1.5Ghz Qualcomm MSM8960 Snapdragon processor and  has 1GB of RAM. The screen is a 4.3″ 720p panel covered by Gorilla Glass 2 for better protection.

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Windows Phone 8 Preview

Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 has been long expected to be the major update which brings it in line with competing smartphone platforms. With the brand new core and lots of nifty additions throughout the operating system, there’s are substantial improvements to the operating system. We go hands on with the OS to bring you a brief preview of the latest out of Redmond.

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Microsoft unveils Windows Phone 8

Microsoft has officially unveiled the Windows Phone 8 at an event in San Francisco as they announced earlier this month. They announced the Windows Phone 8 back in June, but at the yesterday’s launch event they demoed several features including new features such as Kid’s Corner, Rooms in People’s Hub and automatic image uploads from the phone’s camera. It would also have seamless integration with SkyDrive and Skype. Continue reading “Microsoft unveils Windows Phone 8”

Huawei will not be attending the Microsoft Windows Phone 8 launch

In the midst of press releases, smartphone launch events comes yet another shocker when Huawei that was earlier expected to be present for the Windows Phone 8 launch on October 29thnow confirms its absence for the same.

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Windows Phone 8 signed off for RTM

Microsoft’s long awaited next generation mobile OS, Windows Phone 8 has finally been signed off for RTM. RTM here stands for Release to Manufacturing. This means that the OS is now code-complete and just needs to undergo testing on carriers and phones before being launched on devices.

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Nokia Lumia 920 hands on preview

Nokia announced the Lumia 920 and 820 as the newest members of its Lumia range of devices. Running on Windows Phone 8, we got a chance to get a feel for the hardware. As the operating system still isn’t ready, we can’t really give you an idea of that but lets take a look at some of the other aspects.

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No more Bada phones, Samsung to increase focus on Android, Windows Phone 8

SamMobile reports that Samsung will not be launching any new Bada phones in the second half of 2012. The popular manufacturer intends to focus more on Windows Phone 8 alongside its staple Android devices. Bada Phones were last shown by the Korean manufacturer at IFA 2011 in Berlin.

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