HTC Windows Phone 8X gets new SMS features and ‘keep on WiFi’ via update

Microsoft is pushing out an OTA update for the HTC Windows Phone 8X which will add some much needed features to the flagship device. Windows Phone users have always complained about the WiFi switching off as soon as you turn off the screen, this has been fixed or rather made optional after the update. Users can now now opt to keep the WiFi switched on even when the screen is off.

Called the “Portico” update, It also adds new SMS centric features. Users now have the ability to reject calls with an SMS, it is not possible to select all SMS messages to mass delete. A last feature is the ability to create SMS drafts so that you can compose a message and send it later. The build number for the update is 10211 and it also fixes the rebooting issues faced by a large number of users. Has your HTC 8X received the update ? Let us know in the comments below.


Author: Dhruv Bhutani

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