Nokia Lumia 625 Unboxing


It might be really hard to believe, but the Nokia Lumia 625, that launched recently, is the company’s largest phone till date, with respect to screen size. The UK Retail box of the 4.7 inch device just landed in our labs and naturally, we were bothered enough to unbox it and take a overview of the device on video, watch –


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Nokia Lumia 625 with 4.7-inch display, dual-core processor goes official

Nokia Lumia 625

Nokia has announced the Lumia 625, a mid-range affordable Lumia smartphone and a successor of the Lumia 620. Images and specifications of the device leaked earlier today. It has a 4.7-inch  (800 x 480 pixels) LCD display with Corning Gorilla Glass 2 protection, Sunlight Readability Enhancement, High Brightness Mode, Color Enhancement and Super Sensitive Touch, powered by a 1.2 GHz dual-core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Plus MSM8930 processor and runs on the latest Windows Phone 8 OS with the latest Amber update. Continue reading “Nokia Lumia 625 with 4.7-inch display, dual-core processor goes official”

Full specifications of the Nokia Lumia 625 leak ahead of launch


We just saw Nokia tease the Lumia 625 yesterday. While we were pretty sure it was the Lumia 625 that is going to be announced today, some others thought it might be a tablet, but as a tradition these days, the full specifications and colourful press images of the Lumia 625 have leaked out on to the internet, just ahead of launch, confirming our suspicions about the device. The usual Data Sheet that is given to journalists with the press kit has leaked out from Finland’s own Puhelinvertailu and it tells us a lot more than what we already know. Read past the break to find the full specifications of the Lumia 625.

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Is Nokia launching the 4.7 inch Lumia 625 tomorrow?


Nokia has just teased in their official Conversations blog that “something BIG” is coming tomorrow. The blog usually teases phones ahead of launch with clear cut titles, like “Zoom in” for the Lumia 1020, “Steel yourself for the next instalment” for the Lumia 925, and similarly, we think that “Something BIG” is meant for the first 4.7 inch Nokia – the Lumia 625. In a very quick tease they have said that they are launching the Lumia 625 tomorrow at 9 A.M UK time, which is 02:30 P.M IST tomorrow for us. Will there be details we actually don’t know about, yet? We’ll see, but there was a specific leak earlier that leads us to believe that it is indeed the Lumia 625.

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4.7 inch Nokia Lumia 625 revealed in leaked pictures


The Nokia Lumia 625 codename has been doing its usual rumour rounds for a while now, and while the name was confirmed, the device was nowhere to be seen in a leak. Worry not, the leak machine from China is in full swing and images of what seems to be a big Nokia device plastered as the “Lumia 625H” has been leaked with pictures of its front, back and its sides. The Lumia 625 reportedly sports a 4.7 inch screen with other specifications resembling of or improving on the Lumia 620, presumably.

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