Nokia N9 Video Recording Samples – Autofocus Action

The Nokia N9 has added a lot of new features to the Nokia smartphone range. Of course, it’s the first Meego device, and with Meego comes an almost unknown wind of freshness. One feature I’m particularly proud of though, is the enhanced video capturing capabilities. I have been using the N9 for 5 days now, absolutely love it to bits, and the new video features just add to the fun. The Nokia N9’s 8 Megapixel camera is shooting videos in 720p HD resolution at 30fps, and now finally features a very nicely working Autofocus while shooting video! As opposed to the Nokia N8, the N9 also seamless switches to Macro functionality, bringing your world up close. The one thing i love the most though, is touch to focus while shooting video. Since the N9 has no hardware camera button (which is a point not everyone might like), the whole focussing business happens directly on your display, so a decent touch AF system was the next logical step – and it’s my pleasure to report that Damian Dining, Nokia’s camera mastermind and his crew have done just that. I know this might be already present in other devices, however, it’s a well needed addition for the Nokia N9 camera, and it works oh so fine! How nice? Here are 5 short video samples, showing you what’s up:

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Video: Nokia N9 unboxing

Nokia N9 front

Yes indeed, it is finally here in my hands: Nokia’s long awaited first (and hopefully not the last) Meego Smartphone, the Nokia N9! I got my test device for the upcoming weeks this Friday, thanks to Nokia Austria, enduring a rainy trip to Vienna just to get it as soon as possible! I did not waste much time and proudly present to you now, the unboxing of the georgeous 3,9″ Touchscreen device – a true pleasure for me, as i hope it is for you! Enjoy, and if you have any questions, leave them in the comments and I’ll answer them as soon as possible!! Watch the video after the break!

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Nokia N9 is now shipping in many countries

nokia n9 shipping

Nokia has announced on its official blog that the Nokia N9 powered by the MeeGo Operating system is finally shipping in many countries around the world. The highlights of the N9 include delicious hardware and a swipe based UI.   Pre-orders had started few weeks back in some markets and the response from the crowd has been extremely positive according to Nokia.  The N9 is launching in select countries around the world. We still can’t understand why Nokia can’t launch the N9 globally while it’s working on its Windows Phone portfolio.  The company barely has any handset in the high end category currently where profit margins are higher. Continue reading “Nokia N9 is now shipping in many countries”

Nokia N9 Kazakhstan launch on September 9th

While the  US , UK and Germany will not be getting the MeeGo powered Nokia N9 , Kazakhstan will. Yes you heard that right , if the flyers and billboards are to be believed then the first country to get the Nokia N9 will be Kazakhstan.

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SIM-Free Nokia N9 to land in UK through Unofficial Channels

nokia n9 uk price

When the Nokia N9 was announced during CommunicAsia we stumbled upon a list of countries which would get the device,  many countries including UK, USA and India were missing from that list. Now Nokia has confirmed to some publications that the device wont be coming to UK or US. Now couple of leading online retailers in the UK – MobileFun and Expansys are taking pre-orders for the device. Continue reading “SIM-Free Nokia N9 to land in UK through Unofficial Channels”

Nokia N9 not coming to USA

The Nokia N9 which will be Nokia’s first and only MeeGo device is eagerly awaited by people all over the world but it seems that America will not be able to experience the awesomeness of the user interface. Engadget has been reaching out to Nokia for a comment regarding availability of the device and sadly the answer is no. The reply can be read below in its entirety.

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Nokia N9 Launching on 15th September on Swiss Orange ?

MeeGo Experts report that the long awaited Nokia N9 might be available via Swiss Orange starting September 15th. The website has put up a page for the MeeGo Harmattan device and listed 15th September as date of availability alongside the specifications.

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Exclusive : The Epic Nokia N950 Hands On !

The first Nokia Harmattan / MeeGo device , the Nokia N9 , has been garnering rave reviews everywhere. However there is one more MeeGo phone ie the developer only Nokia N950. Rumor has it that the N950 was supposed to be launched in 2010 as the first MeeGo device but got canned. Nokia has been handing these out to select developers to spurt the development of Qt apps for the N9 as well as the next billion Qt enabled devices.

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Video : Multi-Tasking on the Nokia N9

nokia n9 multitasking

Here is a quick look at Multitasking on the Nokia N9 powered by MeeGo. When you see a preview of all the apps currently running , it shows you the every app’s current state in realtime and not just a screenshot like in some other platforms. For instance the Compass app reacts to movements even when in the Multitasking view. Pretty impressive ! Watch it in action in the video below. Continue reading “Video : Multi-Tasking on the Nokia N9”

Nokia’s Windows Phone Device codenamed Sea Ray Shown Off By Elop Himself

Mere hours after Nokia’s MeeGo running N9 got announced , the first WP7 Mango running Nokia has been leaked. The device has been codenamed Sea Ray.

Not just leaked , it has been shown off by Elop in a 21 minute video. So much for the Apple style secrecy. More images and video after the break.  Continue reading “Nokia’s Windows Phone Device codenamed Sea Ray Shown Off By Elop Himself”

Nokia N9 Set for Release in Sweden on September 23rd

Sweden will be among the first countries to get the Nokia N9 when it hits the shelves on September 23rd. The device will be launched on the 3 network in Sweden.

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