Nokia N9 Video Recording Samples – Autofocus Action

The Nokia N9 has added a lot of new features to the Nokia smartphone range. Of course, it’s the first Meego device, and with Meego comes an almost unknown wind of freshness. One feature I’m particularly proud of though, is the enhanced video capturing capabilities. I have been using the N9 for 5 days now, absolutely love it to bits, and the new video features just add to the fun. The Nokia N9’s 8 Megapixel camera is shooting videos in 720p HD resolution at 30fps, and now finally features a very nicely working Autofocus while shooting video! As opposed to the Nokia N8, the N9 also seamless switches to Macro functionality, bringing your world up close. The one thing i love the most though, is touch to focus while shooting video. Since the N9 has no hardware camera button (which is a point not everyone might like), the whole focussing business happens directly on your display, so a decent touch AF system was the next logical step – and it’s my pleasure to report that Damian Dining, Nokia’s camera mastermind and his crew have done just that. I know this might be already present in other devices, however, it’s a well needed addition for the Nokia N9 camera, and it works oh so fine! How nice? Here are 5 short video samples, showing you what’s up:

Author: Michael Hell

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