Nokia N9 MeeGo UI might look different

The Nokia N9 which is rumored to be the first MeeGo phone from Nokia was shown off in a video which seems to have been pulled out of Youtube last month.  The MeeGo project today released some screenshots of MeeGo for handsets and the UI looks a bit different than Maemo and much more different than Symbian. The UI draws inspiration from Android and WebOS. Now Eldar of Mobile-Review tweeted that the Nokia N9 will have a different UI and not the default MeeGo UI. Continue reading “Nokia N9 MeeGo UI might look different”

Is Nokia N9 a N8 with a QWERTY keyboard ?

The guys from NegriElectronics have kept their promise to show a video of the leaked Nokia device . They are still strongly calling it the N9.  Till know we were pretty sure that the N9 might be a MeeGo phone. But this thing is running on Symbian 3.  We are hearing from sources that the Nokia N8 has some siblings one of which might have a QWERTY keyboard. Having looked at the  Keypad it reminds of the N97 mini but this one has 4 rows unlike the min with 3 rows. We are not convinced that this is the N9. This might be a N8-01 or N8-02 or simply N8 QWERTY. It can also be the E7 or in a rare case the  C7 !

Watch the video after the break ! Continue reading “Is Nokia N9 a N8 with a QWERTY keyboard ?”

Is this the Nokia E7 or N98 ?

A new Nokia device has been leaked ant it looks like a E90 Successor and seems also like a N series member on the exterior.  The guys who got of the Proto seem to think it’s the N9 and calling it the N900 successor but they don’t seem to know the difference between Symbian and Maemo / Meego . This device is pretty much running on some version of Symbian . By now we are pretty much sure that the N9 would be a Meego Device and would be the first handheld from Intel-Nokia marriage of Moblin and Maemo.  Interestingly the model number on this  leaked phone says its the N00 while the front says its C0

UPDATE: its the E7 and price is under 500 euros Continue reading “Is this the Nokia E7 or N98 ?”