SIM-Free Nokia N9 to land in UK through Unofficial Channels

nokia n9 uk price

When the Nokia N9 was announced during CommunicAsia we stumbled upon a list of countries which would get the device,  many countries including UK, USA and India were missing from that list. Now Nokia has confirmed to some publications that the device wont be coming to UK or US. Now couple of leading online retailers in the UK – MobileFun and Expansys are taking pre-orders for the device.

MobileFun is quoting 519.95 GBP for the device (inc. VAT) for the 16GB SIM-Free version of the N9 and Expansys is yet to disclose the price.The N9 is powered by the MeeGo operating system and sports an excellent design. While the N9 might not appeal to the average mobile phone user, tech savvy consumers were pretty pumped up about the N9.  I’m not sure if anyone would buy the N9 at such a price tag.

In countries where the device will be available the actual price might be close to our estimates. But in other markets where online retailers are going to be importing the device from outside , the price of the device is certainly going to come at a premium.There is so clear release date as of now but it might eventually ship in 2011.

Who want’s to buy the N9 ?

Author: Varun Krish

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