Expansys posts N86 Available for Pre Order

Expansys is a major online retailer in  Europe and have quite some good reputation and if they are to believed, its good news folks!

Yes, they have posted on their website that Nokia N86 is available for pre-order from them. And what is more inviting and mouth watering is that they have also given it a release date which also co incides with the predicted date conformed by Nokia, which is, July 22, 2009, that does lie in the 2nd Quarter doesn’t it.

Either way, the dual-slider boasts an 8MP camera with a Carl Zeiss Tessar lens, AutoFocus, a mechanical shutter and a dual-LED flash, and is sure to be an eye-popper for cameraphone buffs when it does appear.

Though the Expansys price — €659.99 (about $853) — is a lot higher than the €375 quote we’ve heard. As always we would get it at a cheaper price once the taxes are announced and the days go by.

[Via : Expansys]

Author: Team FoneArena

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