Nokia N86 vs N82 Picture Gallery

After having brought to you a camera comparison between Nokia’s newest camera flagship, the N86 8MP, and its old sibling, the Nokia N82, today we show you a side by side comparison of the 2 device’s hardware and design. As always, you can click on the thumbnails to access the full resolution photos.

Sizewise, the N86 8MP is chubbier and shorter than the N82, due to its dual-slider form factor, as opposed to the N82’s candybar design. The materials used on the N86 are nice classy plastic with metal, and covered with non-scratchable glass on the front, whereas the N82 uses the old cheap and shiny black plastics that we saw on the N81, N96, N78, N85…

In terms of usability, the keypad on the N86 is miles better than the N82, with big, well differenciated and raised keys as opposed to the tiny plasticky ones on the N82. Also, the N86 has separated softkeys, call/end as well as menu and delete keys, whereas these are more joined in one big block on the N82.

The back of the devices features their prominent camera, with the N86 sporting a dual-LED flash and a wide-angle lens 8MP sensor camera, as opposed to the N82’s 5MP sensor with a Xenon flash. Both devices have a physical shutter. The N86 also has a kickstand right around the camera (shown later).

The left side of the N86 is clean with only a keylock key, on the N82 we have the microSDHC door (the N86 also has one, but it’s under the battery cover), a microUSB port and the 3-pin charging port.

The bottom of both devices is very minimal with only a microphone hole.

On the right side, both devices have the stereo speakers, volume keys and camera keys. The N82 also has the old Gallery quick access button.

On the top of the devices, both have the power button and a 3.5mm plug for the headset. The N86 also has a microUSB port that also serves as a charging port.

Last but not least, here are two artsy pictures showing the devices side by side, with the prominence of the N86’s Kickstand feature.