Nokia N86 8MP is Shipping with a Groundbreaking Camera , Price Unknown

Nokia N86 8MP is the best Nokia Camera Phone till date . Earlier this year the phone won the prestigious TIPA Award for the Best Mobile Imaging Device in 2009 even before it was launched in the market. The Camera phone is now shipping worldwide according to a press release by Nokia.

Many were expecting a Xenon flash in this much awaited Camera phone. But when contacted Nokia folks told us that its the Aperture of the Lens that matters most and that the N86 8MP can take good pictures in low light too.

The Camera features variable aperture, which results in vibrant photos even in challenging bright and low-light conditions. The fast mechanical shutter and Automatic Motion Blur Reduction ensure shorter latencies and less motion blur. Processing times between pictures have been more than halved in comparison with many other camera phones.

You can check out the Camera samples of the phone taken in Finland

We have played with a Proto of this phone and it looked good . We were not allowed to take pictures of the phone as it was still in development

The price of the phone has not yet been revealed.

We expect it to be in the Rs.25000-Rs30000 Range

Author: Varun Krish

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