Hands on with Sony’s Android 4.4 UI on a Xperia Z2 – Double Tap to Wake, Gestures and more

Sony launched the Xperia Z2 at the Mobile World Congress event here in Barcelona, Spain. The Z2 is an evolutionary upgrade over the Z1 and fixes every complaint people had with the Z1, like it has a better display, a way better build with a stunningly thin and premium design and overall a better package for a flagship. This also includes the new software work that Sony has done, because the Z2 is the first Android 4.4 device from the company and it brings a lot of new improvements to the looks as well as features that previously didn’t exist. While there are a lot of under the hood improvements, we took a look at some of the user facing features of the new skin on the Xperia Z2 –


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Apple iPhone 5s Leather Case Unboxing and Demo


We have had the Apple iPhone 5s with us for a while now. You might have seen us mention in the 5s Dock Unboxing that we had picked up a couple of accessories for the device from the Hong Kong Apple Store and the Yellow leather case is one of them. Launched with the iPhone 5s, the leather case comes in various colours. The “Yellow” one is more of a flourescent green in real. Want to know how it looks and fits on the iPhone 5s? Check out our unboxing and demo video –


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LG G2 Quick Windows Case Unboxing and Demo


LG G2, the company’s flagship phone that we recently reviewed, is very much a direct competitor to the Samsung Galaxy S4. In that sense, LG have followed the tradition of releasing competing features and accessories similar to the S4, and that includes the Quick Window case for the G2. You might have seen us going hands on with this accessory at IFA and even comparing it with the Samsung S View Cover, but we have finally got it in our hands, the retail package, so here is a quick demo of the case on our G2 –


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Nokia Pro Cam on the Lumia 925 – a Walkthrough

Much has been said about the Nokia Lumia 1020 and its amazing camera prowess, but what made it fun was using the camera interface. Yes, the interface, also known as the Nokia Pro Cam, provided the much needed control and versatility for the robust camera hardware that Nokia packed in the Lumia 1020. But the other PureView devices are no exception either and Nokia made sure that 920, 925 and 928 users get the Pro Cam, and eventually they did. We immediately installed it onto the Nokia Lumia 925 and found it to work really well, just like how we found it on the Lumia 1020 earlier. So, we made a video to show you how awesome it is, take a look at the video walk through below and go past the break for a detailed walk through in images and text with bonus samples –


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Quick Look : SmartDock for Sony XPERIA P

The video shows a demonstration of the SmartDock for the XPERIA P. The SmartDock is available only for the XPERIA P. The XPERIA S and XPERIA U do not have this accessory.

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