Nokia 6700 Classic and Nokia 6303 Classic launched in India by Bollywood Diva Priyanka Chopra


Nokia India today launched the Nokia 6700 Classic and Nokia 6303 Classic .  Bollywood Diva Priyanka Chopra is seen holding the new handsets in the above picture.
These phones along with 2700 were announced in this Feb . The price of the phones seem a bit cheaper than expected.

Giving details of the new devices, Mr Taneja said, “The new devices combine the superior functionality and enhanced user experience with premium designs and materials available at an extremely competitive price point. The Nokia 6700 Classic shares the same ‘DNA’ as its predecessor Nokia 6300 and we believe that it will be one of our best selling devices in 2009.”

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LG announces 3 affordable phones GB210 , GB270 and KP265


The battle for supremacy in the entry level mobile phone market seems to get better day by day.
LG Mobiles has announced the GB210, GB270 and KP275 in a price range of Rs.4400 to 5000. All the handsets promise impressive talktime of about 10 hours. Other interesting features include RocketTalk which is a social networking application which lets you log onto Google Talk , Yahoo Messenger and exchange info with your online buddies.

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Samsung S9110 Wristwatch Phone Announced!

We gave you news of the Samsung S9110 set to release very soon and it has just been announced by Samsung.

The Samsung S9110 is a Touchscreen Wristwatch Phone. The watch is 11.98 mm thin and has a 1.76 inch (4.5cm) scratch proof touchscreen.

The watch also has Bluetooth, Speakerphone, Speec Recognition etc.The casing is made from stainless steel and strap from leather.

It will be released this month at a price of 450 Euros.

Blackberry Storm 2 (9550) Video Leaked!

A video of the Blackberry Storm 2 (9550) codenamed Blackberry Odin has been leaked. The phone in the video is an early prototype. The prototype doesn’t have Wi-Fi but the final version of the phone will definitely have Wi-Fi. Physically the Storm 2 is almost identical to the Storm but it has some physical changes which make it better and easier to use. The Storm 2 feels nicer in hand.

The prototype is also running the same firmware as the Storm but it is said to have a newer and improved firmware.


HTC Leo and Click Leaked!


This is supposed to be a Touchscreen Windows Mobile phone. It will come with Windows Mobile 6.5 pre installed. The features can be seen in the picture below:

The release date for the Leo is not known. the handset might also be released under a different name as Leo could just be a codename.

HTC Click

the HTC Click is a low-cost Android based smartphone. Specifications are unknown but we will let you know if they arise.


Samsung S9110 and i920 Coming Soon?

Samsung S9110

Samsung has all type of phones under the S class ranging from the low-end S3310, mid-end S5230 to the high-end S8300 UltraTouch and S8000 Jet. And now there is a leaked photo showing the approval of the GT-S9110 by Bluetooth SIG. Features are not known although, it is expected to have Bluetooth 2.1 with EDR and A2DP which can be seen on the Bluetooth SIG Approval. It may also have Wi-Fi. Considering that he only other phone in the S class with such high model number is a luxury handset, the GT-S9110 might also turn out to be one. Continue reading “Samsung S9110 and i920 Coming Soon?”

Motorola A45 Murano and E18 Ivory Leaked!

Motorola A45 Murano

The Motorola A45 Murano appears to be a region specific device which is aimed at Brazil. But we are not sure of that. The phone is quite small but chubby. It has a squarish design and the back side resembles an iPhone. The screen looks like at least 2.4 inches big. Anyway it features a slide out QWERTY keyboard, 3G, 2 Megaixel Camera and micro-SD card slot. Other features remain unknown. Continue reading “Motorola A45 Murano and E18 Ivory Leaked!”

Sony Ericsson Vulcan (XPERIA X2) Live Pictures Leaked!

Earlier, we showed you blueprints of the Sony Ericsson Vulcan (XPERIA X2). Now we have tons of live pictures of the device for you. The Sony Ericsson Vulcan (XPERIA X2) is expected to be announced with the Sony Ericsson Kiki (XPERIA) and Sony Ericsson Rachael (XPERIA) very soon.

The Vulcan (XPERIA X2) specifications are-

  • Slide-Out QWERTY Keyboard
  • 8.1 Megapixel Camera with LED Flash
  • 3.2inches or 3.5inches Touchscreen (Size still not confirmed)
  • 512MB RAM

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New Apple iPod Touch with Camera!

If rumors are to be believed, Apple is preparing the next generation of the iPod Touch. That’s not the best of the news. The new iPod Touch is said to come with a Camera and Microphone and even built-in Skype software.

Sources say that Apple has already begun manufacturing the new range of iPod Touch models in China’s factories. Continue reading “New Apple iPod Touch with Camera!”

Nokia 6760 Slide Announced with a Surge

For those of you who loved the Nokia Surge introduced by Nokia and AT&T in America, here’s something to be happy about. The Nokia Surge was exclusively for the American market. but Nokia have introduced the Nokia Surge under another name, the Nokia 6760 Slide for the Global Markets. There are also some improvements to the phone. Continue reading “Nokia 6760 Slide Announced with a Surge”

Foxconn Employee Commits Suicide After Losing 4G iPhone Prototype

Mobile Phones are some of the consumer products with the greatest hype and thus most consumers love news, photos or any information regarding future phones and products. Many models of handsets are leaked to the public while some are kept secret till the moment of announcement.

One such example was the 1st Generation iPhone which was kept a secret till the last moment. Rumours were doing the rounds about the phone but nothing about the features or any photo leaked. Then when people began to write off the rumours, Apple made the announcement with a bang creating tremendous hype.

But today we hear the sad news and wonder whether all this secrecy is worth it. According to sources, 25 year old Sun Danyong, an employee at Foxconn committed suicide. The reason for this is because he lost a 4th Generation Prototype of the Apple iPhone which was entrusted to him to be shipped to Apple. Continue reading “Foxconn Employee Commits Suicide After Losing 4G iPhone Prototype”

Nokia N97 Widgets on the Home Screen


Nokia N97 is a cool looking phone for sure. One of the unique features of the N97 is the Widgets on the Home Screen of the device and the ability to hide them with just a swipe when you think someone’s spying on your phone’s display.

For example , see the widgets above . I’m checking amazon for hot products, reading my facebook updates, checking how the world economy is doing with the help of the bloomberg widget and also trying to check the weather around GooglePlex . Now suddenly my boss comes over and before he gets the slightest doubt about my vacation plans, I hide all my widgets and show him an empty screen.

hide nokia n97 homescreen

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Video Review: Nokia N86 8MP Walkthrough

After giving you a very quick video fondle of the Nokia N86 8MP, here we give you a lengthy, almost 8 minute long, presentation of the device. The Nokia N86 8MP is the latest imaging flagship from Nokia, packing up a great wide-angle 8MP camera with a Carl Zeiss lens. It features Nokia’s iconic dual-slider design that was brought by the N95, with dedicated multimedia (gaming, music, video, browsing) keys. The N86 8MP also packs GPS, 3G, Wifi, the latest Ovi services on board, S60 3rd Edition Feature Pack 2, 8GB of built-in memory, microUSB charging, TV Out, an FM transmitter and a lot more. It also has the famous kickstand design on the back, that pops around the camera and lets you rest it comfortably at an angle on any surface. Continue reading “Video Review: Nokia N86 8MP Walkthrough”

Nokia 5800 XpressMusic Firmware Update to Bring New Features

We have all seen the new improvements in the Nokia N97 UI such as the Kinetic Scrolling, Widgets etc. Well now there is news that Nokia is a set to release a new firmware update for the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic Version V31 (Version number may change) and the firmware will bring many new features to the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic. Continue reading “Nokia 5800 XpressMusic Firmware Update to Bring New Features”

Samsung OMNIA HD vs HTC Touch Pro 2 Photo Gallery

The Samsung OMNIA HD and HTC Touch Pro 2 are two of the hottest touchscreen devices in the market right now.

The Samsung having an 8 Megapixel Camera with Autofocus and HD Video Recording, 600mHz Processor, 3.7″ AMOLED Touchscreen (360*640 resolution), 8/16GB Memory, 3.5mm Jack etc. Continue reading “Samsung OMNIA HD vs HTC Touch Pro 2 Photo Gallery”