Pebble winds down operations as Fitbit acquires company assets

Pebble Time Steel -08 In a move that has been anticipated for a while, Fitbit today announced that they’ve acquired Pebble. The maker of what was arguably one of the first popular smartwatches, Pebble simultaneously revealed that they are winding down all hardware operations effective immediately. Continue reading “Pebble winds down operations as Fitbit acquires company assets”

Brainwavz Alpha In-Ear Earphones Review

brainwavz-alpha-review-1Self professed audiophiles that we are, we were quite excited to hear that Brainwavz Audio had launched their Alpha earphones in India. Well known and regarded around the world as affordable yet high quality IEMs, we couldn’t wait to get our hands on them. Fast forward a few weeks and here’s our long term impressions of the earphones. Continue reading “Brainwavz Alpha In-Ear Earphones Review”

WD My Passport 3TB (2016) Review

wd-mypassport-3tb-2016-2Western Digital or WD as it is commonly called is a house hold name when it comes to storage products. From the old full size external hard drives, cloud connected drives to the present day 2.5″ Passport sized drives, the company has a product for everyone. With the colorful new My Passport refresh, WD seems to be aiming at a more youthful demographic. Read on for the review where we’ll talk about both the design element as well as the drive performance. Continue reading “WD My Passport 3TB (2016) Review”

Asus Zenfone 3 Ultra Review


Following straight in the steps of the Xiaomi Mi Max, it is now the turn of yet another gigantic phone cum tablet to launch in India. Announced a couple of months back, the Zenfone 3 Ultra is now available in the country and we’re been using it for a few days now. Is this the perfect phone that doubles up as a tablet or really just a small tablet with a phone component inside? Read on our review of the Zenfone 3 Ultra to find out. Continue reading “Asus Zenfone 3 Ultra Review”

Coolpad Mega 3 Hands On & Photo Gallery


Alongside the Note 3S, Coolpad also launched the Mega 3 in India. In addition to being a decently specced and built device, the Mega 3 has one trait that sets it aside from the competition. We check that out and more in our impressions of the Coolpad Mega 3.  Continue reading “Coolpad Mega 3 Hands On & Photo Gallery”

Coolpad Note 3S Hands On & Photo Gallery


At an event in Delhi, Coolpad today announced two new devices as part of their Note & Mega series. In our previous reviews of the Coolpad Note 3 and Note 3 Lite, we found the devices to offer a solid experience with design being a relative shortcoming. This time around, it seems that Coolpad has worked to fix just that on the Note 3s. We spent some time with the phone at the launch event and here’s some quick impressions about the device.  Continue reading “Coolpad Note 3S Hands On & Photo Gallery”

Lenovo K6 Power Hands On & Photo Gallery


Introduced at IFA back in September, Lenovo launched the K6 Power smartphone in India yesterday. Targeted at the sub Rs. 10,000 market, the phone brings competitive specifications and pretty solid construction. We spent some time with the handset and here’s what we thought of it.  Continue reading “Lenovo K6 Power Hands On & Photo Gallery”

Blaupunkt Bl04BGB1 Dual Output USB Charger Review


Blaupunkt, German manufacturer of consumer electronics and popularly known for it’s car audio products in India, recently got into the business of mobile peripherals. We’ve been testing out of some of their stuff to see if they live up to what you expect from the marquee brand. Here’s our review of the Blaupunkt Bl04BGB1 Dual Output USB car charger. Continue reading “Blaupunkt Bl04BGB1 Dual Output USB Charger Review”

Belkin Road Rockstar Car Charger Review


Car chargers are a dime and a dozen and we usually don’t pay too much attention to them. Lately however we’ve come across a couple of very intriguing products that we’ll be talking about in upcoming reviews. One such device is the Belkin Road Rockstar car charger. Launched in India a while back, it brings a very unique feature that in our opinion helps it stand apart. Read on for our review of the Belkin Road Rockstar.  Continue reading “Belkin Road Rockstar Car Charger Review”

Sony KD-65Z9D 4K HDR TV Review


The times they are a changing and so are user preferences. As the vast number of Chinese entrants condition users to larger sizes and a whole host of features and/or gimmicks usually reserved for much higher end models, established entities like Sony and Samsung face an uphill battle to make a case for their offerings. As we saw in our review of the Sony KD-55X9300D, the industry leaders are bringing out the big guns to show why they might still be the better choice. Continue reading “Sony KD-65Z9D 4K HDR TV Review”

Fossil Q Marshal Smartwatch Review


Wearables in the form of fitness bands and smartwatches are dime and a dozen. On one hand we’ve seen fitness brands get into the industry while smartphone and consumer electronics makers have tried to create devices that resemble traditional watches. Now, we’re seeing watchmakers like Fossil getting onboard the bandwagon to create smartwatches that look like the real deal but run Android Wear onboard. Here’s our review of the Fossil Q Marshal Smartwatch. Continue reading “Fossil Q Marshal Smartwatch Review”

TomTom Touch Fitness Tracker, Spark 3 Fitness Watch, Adventurer GPS Outdoor Watch Hands On


TomTom, a Dutch company that specialises in GPS products and fitness wearables, announced their range of athletic wearables in India. Between the Touch, Spark 3 and the Adventure, the company has lined up something at pretty much every price point. We spent some time with all three and here’s what we think of them.

Continue reading “TomTom Touch Fitness Tracker, Spark 3 Fitness Watch, Adventurer GPS Outdoor Watch Hands On”