In Questions: Google Pixel Camera Q&A with Brian Rakowski & Tim Knight

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Here at FoneArena, we are big fans of the Pixel camera and all that Google has been able to accomplish using a mixture of computational photography and machine learning. That’s not to say that the camera is perfect of course. We recently got a chance to sit down for a group session with Brian Rakowski and Tim Knight from Google. Continue reading “In Questions: Google Pixel Camera Q&A with Brian Rakowski & Tim Knight”

RHA MA650 Wireless Earphones Review

RHA MA650 Wireless Earphones Review -1

RHA, the Scottish audio products manufacturer, recently introduced the MA 650. A neckband style wireless pair of earphones, the device is targeted at the increasingly necessary Bluetooth audio products market as the 3.5mm jack goes the way of the dodo. We’ve been testing out the MA 650 over the last few days and here’s what we think about it.  Continue reading “RHA MA650 Wireless Earphones Review”

1More Piston Fit Review

1More Piston Fit-1

Entry level earphones are a dime and a dozen. There has been a very distinct democratization of fairly high quality audio products. No longer do you have to suffer with terrible quality bundled in earphones even if you don’t have much of a budget. Enter the 1More Piston Fit. The earphones compete against popular options from the likes of JBL, Skullcandy and even Brainwavz, Xiaomi. What this means is that 1More simply can’t afford to release a mediocre product if they want to leave a mark. Follow along for our review of the 1More Piston Fit.  Continue reading “1More Piston Fit Review”

Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 Review

Mi Mix 2 -2

The Mi Mix 2 sits a class apart in Xiaomi’s line up. Sure, there have been flagship grade phones like the Mi5 and Mi6 but the Mix is where we saw a degree of design innovation that was unprecedented. After years of being called out for aping Apple’s design ethos, Xiaomi finally had a device that wasn’t just all of its own but was breaking ground. While the original was relegated to China, the second generation hardware is spearheading the company’s entry into markets world over. Enter the Mi Mix 2. More refined, more powerful and yes, finally available in India. Continue reading “Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 Review”

FiiO F3 Dynamic In-Ear Monitors Review

FiiO F3 -1

FiiO has been making audio products for close to a decade now. A while back, the company introduced their latest entry-level offerings i.e. the Fiio F1 and F3 to India. In a market where people often never upgrade from low-cost earbuds bundled in-box, the entry-level segment offers potential for disruption. The FiiO F3 priced at Rs. 1,849 aims to do just that.  Continue reading “FiiO F3 Dynamic In-Ear Monitors Review”

Nokia 2 Hands On

Nokia 2 -1

It was just a few months back at MWC that Nokia announced the first few devices. The comeback comprised of phones that were decidedly mid-range and good enough to get their foot in the market. The following months have seen HMD’s strategy take more concrete form as we saw with the Nokia 8 and the Nokia 7 announcements. Entry level smartphones, however, are the bread and butter for any company planning to make money in India. And that brings us to the Nokia 2Hitting a 99 Euro price point, the Nokia 2 distills the higher end Nokia experience to a level that is palatable for first-time smartphone buyers. Is it any good though? Let’s find out.  Continue reading “Nokia 2 Hands On”

Sony Xperia XZ1 Review

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There’s a thing to be said about Sony smartphones. Staying true to their vision, the company hasn’t been swayed by the latest trends, fads and well, the competition. Some might say that they are starting to look ancient when pitched against the latest innovations hitting the market but perhaps there’s a merit behind playing safe? Having spent some time with the phone, let’s try and answer that question. Here’s our review of the Sony Xperia XZ1.  Continue reading “Sony Xperia XZ1 Review”

Infinix Note 4 Review

Infinix Note 4 -5

In a market where Xiaomi, Moto, Lenovo and to an extent the newly resurrected Nokia dominate, it means that you simply cannot make a half-hearted effort. For a relatively newer entrant into a crowded space means that Infinix has a lot of work cut out for it. Those were the thoughts in our mind when we started using the all-new Infinix Note 4. Does it manage to leave a mark, especially a positive one? We find out in our review.  Continue reading “Infinix Note 4 Review”

Sony Bravia A1 KD-55A1 OLED TV Review

Sony Bravia A1 KD-55A1-8

The future is OLED. The deep blacks and simply jaw-dropping contrast levels, viewing angles possible using the tech create an image that almost  pop out from the screen. So it’s really no surprise that the top end television in Sony’s line up sports an OLED panel similar to LG and Panasonic’s line up. We’ve been testing out the Bravia A1 KD-55A1 for the last few weeks and here’s what we think about it. Continue reading “Sony Bravia A1 KD-55A1 OLED TV Review”

Nokia 8 Review: The Reliable Flagship

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It’s probably fair to say that there’s a bit of nostalgia associated with the Nokia brand. Most cellphone enthusiasts have sported one at some point in their life and others continue to swear by the legacy of the brand. There was a collective hurrah in the tech reviewer/journalist/blogger community when HMD Global first announced its comeback. Rooting for the underdog while maintaining a degree of skepticism, it was a bit disappointing to see the entry-level, mid-range offerings at MWC. The question on everyone’s mind was obvious. Where’s our flagship, Nokia? Fast forward 6 months and the company has delivered. The Nokia 8 is here and is raring to recapture the throne. Continue reading “Nokia 8 Review: The Reliable Flagship”

Google Home Mini Review

Google Home Mini -1

Well over a year after the launch of the Amazon Echo Dot, Google finally has a competitor out.  Announced alongside the all-new second generation Pixel smartphones, the device might have gotten a bit overshadowed but fret not, we’ve been testing it out the last few days and have a review ready for your consumption. Now that the Echo series of devices are available in India, is it worth importing or waiting for a Google Home Mini? Find out in our review.

Continue reading “Google Home Mini Review”

Xiaomi Mi MIX 2 First Impressions

Mi Mix 2 -2

When the Mi MIX launched, a bezel-less smartphone was essentially a pipe dream. Sure, Sharp had announced a number of them over the years but a product that remained stuck in Japan doesn’t really count, does it? So, when out of the blue, Xiaomi of all brands introduced a modern, uncompromised smartphone that simply broke all design conventions, it quickly became the talk of the town.

In the year that has followed, bezel less and 18:9 are terms that almost every major smartphone manufacturer has latched on to. Now that the gimmick isn’t new or unique, the Mi MIX 2 has to stand up on its own merits. We’ve spent a bit of time with the new hardware. Not nearly enough to write a review but enough for us to pen down some initial thoughts. Let’s talk about the Mi MIX 2. Continue reading “Xiaomi Mi MIX 2 First Impressions”

Google Pixel 2 XL Hands On and Photo Gallery

Google Pixel 2 XL_fonearena-07

Google announced Pixel 2 XL along with the Pixel 2 yesterday at an event in San Francisco. We were live at the event and got our hands on the phone. Let’s check out the design and specifications of the Pixel 2 XL in this photo gallery. Continue reading “Google Pixel 2 XL Hands On and Photo Gallery”