iVOOMi iV505 Review

iVOOMi iV505 -10

iVOOMi is a Chinese smartphone manufacturer that recently entered the Indian market with the launch of the iV505. A bargain basement, entry-level Android running phone, the iV505 is being positioned as the first smartphone for users who have so far remained on feature phone platforms. We spent some time with the phone and here’s our impressions of the iVOOMi iV505. Continue reading “iVOOMi iV505 Review”

I/O 2017 shows signs of a more mature Google


There’s few industry events that get enthusiasts as excited as Google’s annual I/O developer gathering. It was ‘just’ four years ago that skydivers zoomed down on Moscone Center and streamed the entire thing via Google Glass. From moonshots to hardware efforts like the Nexus Q that never really saw the light of day, Google has been the adventurous, perhaps slightly reckless counterpart to the more reserved and cautious Apple. If I/O 2017 is any indication then it looks like that there’s a change coming and we might start seeing a more mature side of Google. Some might call it boring but boring too can be good.  Continue reading “I/O 2017 shows signs of a more mature Google”

Xiaomi Redmi 4 Review : Budget Blockbuster

Xiaomi Redmi 4 -10

The sub 10,000 rupee category of phones has been redefined by Xiaomi’s Redmi series. Over multiple generations, the company has focussed on delivering a compelling experience driven by competitive hardware and well optimised software. Xiaomi has a similar goal in mind with the Redmi 4 too. Does it succeed? We find out in our review.

Continue reading “Xiaomi Redmi 4 Review : Budget Blockbuster”

CAT S60 Review : Rugged to the Bone

CAT S60 Review -1

Think CAT and a massive yellow excavator is probably the first image that comes to your mind. Short for Caterpillar, the company has been making heavy construction equipment for decades now. What’s not quite as well-known is the fact that the company has been in the rugged phone market too for the last few years. While the S60 might be the first smartphone with a built-in thermal camera, it is also the first CAT device to be launched in India. Rugged phones are still a bit of a rarity in India so we were suitably excited to put the CAT S60 through it’s paces. Find out what we discovered in our review.  Continue reading “CAT S60 Review : Rugged to the Bone”

Micromax Evok Power Review

Micromax Evok Power Review -1

Stepping out from their slumber, Micromax is finally introducing a range of new smartphones. A play in the online-only space, the Evok series is aimed directly at competitors like Xiaomi. With the Evok Power and Evok Note, the first wave of phones target both the large battery and large display wanting market segments. A budget device that is focussed on delivering the essentials, the Micromax Evok Power brings a large battery, sturdy design as it’s highlight features. Will that be enough to make it a strong contender in the highly competitive budget segment? We find out in our review. Continue reading “Micromax Evok Power Review”

Smartron srt.phone First Impressions

Smartron SRT Phone -1

With Sachin Tendulkar as a principal investor, Smartron has been making waves as the next big Indian company to look out for. The company has so far been involved in highly diversified technologies like convertible computers, IOT peripherals and of course smartphones. While Smartron’s first attempt at building a smartphone was not as successful as they might have hoped, it looks like their second innings might change the game altogether. We went hands on with the new Smartron srt.phone and here’s what we think of it.  Continue reading “Smartron srt.phone First Impressions”

Brainwavz Blu Delta Review

Brainwavz Blu Delta -2Brainwavz is one of those brands that we blindly trust to introduce some of the most well lasticriced and more importantly well sounding audio products at their respective price points. We’ve previously reviewed the Brainwavz M3 and Alpha in-earphones and found them to be pretty solid performers. Today we’re about to take a look at the Brainwavz Delta bluetooth in-ear monitors priced at Rs. 3,699. These compete in a market category that is flooded by a large number of branded and off brand competition. Let’s see if they have what it takes to cut out a niche for themselves. Continue reading “Brainwavz Blu Delta Review”

Xiaomi Mi 6 Hands On : A Bold New Flagship

Xiaomi Mi 6 -12

Close to 14 months after the launch of the Mi 5, Xiaomi finally introduced it’s successor earlier this month. Predictably called the Mi 6, the phone continues the tradition of bringing top of the line specifications at half the price of current flagships. In India though, the Redmi series remains the bread and butter for the company. The future of Xiaomi’s flagship line in India remains a bit dubious due to less than stellar sales but given an opportunity, we just couldn’t resist going hands on with the latest and greatest from the company. Read on for our first impressions of the Xiaomi Mi 6. Continue reading “Xiaomi Mi 6 Hands On : A Bold New Flagship”

Timex iQ+ Move Gallery & Impressions

Timex iQ+ Move -3

Timex, the 160 year old American watch brand, introduced it’s latest smartwatch in India today. Called the Timex iQ+ Move, it combines an analog movement with smart functions like activity tracking, perfectly synchronised time and more. While a full review is forthcoming, here’s a gallery and some first impressions of the watch.  Continue reading “Timex iQ+ Move Gallery & Impressions”

Sony Xperia XZs Review

Xperia XZs (11 of 11)

Nigh identical to the Xperia XZ launched back in October, Sony’s latest and greatest has more than a passing resemblance to the model. Placed side by side, the all new Sony Xperia XZs would appear to have the same shell, a very similar port configuration and for what it is worth, largely a similar configuration. What then separates it from a 6 month old model and more importantly, what makes it worth your consideration having launched within days of the LG G6 and Samsung Galaxy S8? We find that out and more in our full review of the Sony Xperia XZs.  Continue reading “Sony Xperia XZs Review”

Gionee A1 Review

Gionee A1 (2 of 11)

It isn’t all that surprising that better selfies have become the latest selling point for smartphones the world over. After all, human beings are a vain bunch. Back in the early years of the camera phones, we saw the likes of rotating modules and small mirrors attached to the rear lens. Thankfully, technology has matured to the point where we can have quality high-resolution sensors over on the front facing camera too. The focus of the Gionee A1 is on this specific features and it touts a 16MP front facing camera to achieve quality selfies. A camera alone does not however make a smartphone. So does the Gionee A1 have what it takes to be a good smartphone instead of being just a one trick pony? We find out in our review. Continue reading “Gionee A1 Review”

Micromax Dual 5 Hands On & Impressions

Micromax Dual 5 -1

Launched at an event in Delhi, the Micromax Dual 5 marks the return of the brand from what appeared to be a rather long slumber. The Micromax Dual 5 represents a refreshed focus for the company that seems to now have its sights sets on the higher end mid-range segment. Having spent a bit of time with the device, here’s what we think about it.  Continue reading “Micromax Dual 5 Hands On & Impressions”

HTC U Ultra Review

HTC U Ultra Review -12It’s been a while since we saw a compelling flagship from HTC. The HTC 10 Evo launched back a couple of months back wasn’t much of an upgrade over the 10 and offered little reason for users to upgrade. With the U Ultra, the company has adopted a somewhat refreshed design though the device is unmistakably an HTC. What is more interesting is that HTC isn’t really calling this its flagship and maintains that it still has a lot more under its sleeve. Having spent some time with the U Ultra, here’s our thoughts on the device. Continue reading “HTC U Ultra Review”