Vodafone Launches Bonus Cards for Punjab Prepaid subscribers


Vodafone have just introduced a couple of Bonus cards for its customers in Punjab. Here are the details

  • Prepaid bonus card 25
  • Prepaid Bonus card 49

In prepaid bonus card 25 a customer can send unlimited national sms at the rate of 20 paise doesn’t matter which network or at what time you are sending the SMS. Continue reading “Vodafone Launches Bonus Cards for Punjab Prepaid subscribers”

The Vodafone ZooZoos Win PETA Award


You must have heard about Vodafone Zoozoos that’s creating a buzz across the blogosphere. And, presently, it is not only the bloggers talking about the Zoozoo ads.

If you are a Zoozoo fan, then you will be happy to know that the Zoozoo Ads have won the PETA award (People for Ethical Treatment for Animals). Continue reading “The Vodafone ZooZoos Win PETA Award”

Making of the Vodafone Zoozoos

“ZooZoo” the word making buzz around the blogosphere, spreading from mouth to mouth like fire and getting millions of fan followings not only from India but from around the globe. Recently our co-editor Sandeep wrote an article – “Zoozoo makes you laugh” wherein he mentioned that those animated characters featured in Vodafone ads are not computer generated characters and are real human beings.. This fact fascinated me to find out on how the idea of Zoozoo came into the minds of Vodafone guys and how these Zoozoo series of ads were shot..

So here’s a quick video featured on CNN IBN featuring the making of Zoozoos:

Continue reading “Making of the Vodafone Zoozoos”

Vodafone ZooZoo makes you Laugh

During the 1st IPL(Indian Premier League) season when Vodafone took over Hutch, they launched the Happy to Help series of advertisements which were very interesting and made you smile. Now Vodafone are at it again wth their ZooZoo advertisements.

ZooZoos are characters featured in the advertisements showing the various services provided by Vodafone. The characters were created by O&M for Vodafone. Explaining the idea behind the campaign, Rajiv Rao, executive creative director, O&M says, “We created a special world in which all the product stories get told. A world which is real yet different, strange yet simple, warm and lovable. All the specific product stories and services get told in this world of Zoozoos, making the messages more charming.” Continue reading “Vodafone ZooZoo makes you Laugh”

Vodafone Offers 85% Discount on International Roaming

Voila..! You must be really shocked at least for a moment after reading “85% discount on International Roaming” right? Well, for the first time, even I was surprised and could not make my eyes believe the statement.


But its a fact that, Vodafone is offering 85% of discount for roaming in South Africa. This aggressive move is taken by India’s major private telecom player – Vodafone keeping in mind the ongoing IPL 2009. Continue reading “Vodafone Offers 85% Discount on International Roaming”

Vodafone Comes With Competitive Price for Blackberry’s Unlimited Email Service; Just Rs. 299!

vodafone If you remember, in a recent post, our co-author – Ritu published about a unlimited email plan for Airtel Blackberry users worth RS. 499 per month. This plan once activated, lets a blackberry users access unlimited email and Instant messengers (like Gtalk & Yahoo) for one complete month. But surprisingly, immediately after Airtel’s announcement of this plan, Vodafone too launched exactly a similar plan but for a better and competitive rate.

This plan by Vodafone costing Rs. 299 per month would give a Vodafone customers exactly the same benefits as in the case of Airtel but the only difference is its price. Airtel charges Rs. 499 and Vodafone declared the same services for just 299 bucks a month. Well, if you are planning to activate this plan, let me tell you, unlimited usages will be only for accessing Email and not browsing the Internet

I say Vodafone is finally curious about attracting more and more corporate users towards its brand. Hope there would be more such competitive offers in the days to come. 🙂

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HTC Magic G2 Google Android phone unveiled

HTC Magic is the successor the first Google Phone. Its a sleeker version of the G1 sans keyboard.

The second Google Android smart phone was unveiled at Barcelona this week jointly by HTC and Vodafone

Its the first touchscreen only android phone . yes its getting closer to the apple iphone .

Its got a great 3.2 inch 320×480 pixel touchscreen display .

It will feature the cupcake version of the android software and will have an onscreen keybord

Well all of you are curious when will the Google Phone a.k.a HTC G1 [specs] would arrive in India.

But the 2nd version of the G1 might come soon to India as the Magic is exclusive to Vodafone for now. Continue reading “HTC Magic G2 Google Android phone unveiled”

Will you get your Vodafone iPhone on easy instalments?

The price of the 3G iPhone stumped those who were eagerly awaiting its launch in India. To counter the ‘non-affordability’ factor doing the rounds among buyers, Vodafone has decided to offer the handset of easy 6 monthly or 12 monthly instalments.

It is rumoured that the company is holding talks with financial institutions to initiate a tie-up.

At the current rate of interest, we envisage an EMI of up to Rs 7000 for 6 months and at least Rs 4000 for a 12 month scheme. Steep for a handset we would say!!! Continue reading “Will you get your Vodafone iPhone on easy instalments?”

Vodafone finally releases iPhone prices , not affordable

I got this email from Vodafone today which released the prices of the iPhone.

Apple products don’t come cheap.

But how many of you will pay 31,000 for an iphone ?

I don’t think its affordable to most people . Also 3G does not make any sense in the indian context.

Vodafone has released the prices but still no news from my provider Airtel

Please leave a comment on your thoughts about the pricing for the iphone in india.

email after the jump Continue reading “Vodafone finally releases iPhone prices , not affordable”

Should you buy the iPhone – you tell us

As the day draws near, when two leading mobile phone operators in India, Airtel and Vodafone launch the iPhone, here is a low down on the negative aspects of the handset…that we read in an In-Flight magazine of a leading Indian airline.

1. Earphones: The iPhone sports “bland” looking regular earphones that are neither classy not stylish. The sound quality is good but the design is very cheap.

2. Technology: Apart from the touch screen, the handset does not use much technology. Depending on the model released may be missing features such as Java, FM Radio, Bluetooth, GPS, or the ability to forward messages, send business cards etc.

3. Applications: Third party applications must be installed via iTunes App Store and this means that this handset is not really the normal “smart phone”.

4. Touch screen: The touch screen on the iPhone is known to be cumbersome to use due to the scratch guard.

5. Customisation: The themes on the iPhone cannot be changed. So no wallpapers, themes or cover panels etc. Even the ring tones are not changeable!

Now this is what we’ve read. Tell us what you feel!

Vodafone India opens bookings for iPhone

Vodafone India has opened up bookings for the iPhone 3G .. although it would be just a 2G phone here.

There is a Pre Registration page on Vodafone’s website which lets you book your iPhone.

Both 8GB and 16GB versions will be available

Interesting Microsoft Exchange Support is going to be there .. What happens to Blackberry’s ball game in India ?

The page says Currently compatible only with 2G networks. Only select features and services
are currently available in India.

Features they claim

  • 8GB and 16GB
  • Assisted GPS
  • New applications
  • Greater autonomy
  • Microsoft Exchange

Continue reading “Vodafone India opens bookings for iPhone”

iPhone in India through Airtel and Vodafone

That’s good news for subscribers of Airtel and Vodafone. The iPhone will be made available to their customers in India.

The two companies announced that the 3G instrument would be available in India by the end of this year.

Vodafone and Apple will bring iPhone 3G first to Australia, Italy, New Zealand, and Portugal on July 11. In these markets, Vodafone will make available iPhone 3G on both prepaid and contract price plans that will include value data bundles.

Then, later this year, Vodafone will make iPhone 3G available in other markets including the Czech Republic, Egypt, Greece, South Africa, Turkey, and most importantly — India.

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Arun Sarin Steps down from Vodafone CEO post

May be being an Indian Himself he knew VodaFone India did terribly poor services and most of the subscribers are an unhappy lot.

Well thats not the reason why Arun is stepping down. Arun Sarin is Old He is 53 which is not quite old if he is working in India. Well Arun Sarin informed that he will retiring from the post of CEO of the worlds largest cellular conglomorate Vodafone. (PS Not in India though he is an Indian himself). Continue reading “Arun Sarin Steps down from Vodafone CEO post”

Vodafone Confirms Iphone Prices for India

Iphone has finally released their pricing details via their exclusive indian carrier Vodafone. The 8GB model would cost around Rs.15960 and the 16GB model would cost around Rs.19960, both available only on exclusive 2 year contract with Vodafone. No exact details about the launch dates are available as of now.

UPDATE : Checkout our latest post about iphone 3g prices in india

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